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Harvesting guidelines for Auto-flowering plants?

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I am aware of how to harvest regular plants by looking at the color of the trichomes. My question is: Does this also apply to automatics? If not, how do you know when to harvest an auto-flowering plant.

Mine has reached it's 8.5 weeks from germination and some buds just don't look ready. Ideas?


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Its my understanding that the same harvesting timing teqniques apply for autoflower plants as well as reg fem and ruderalis.
same as a photo , auto are a race but a timed race of total light period , you can also delay a auto by any kind multiplication/damage , this will delay flower & allow the plant to get bigger .
so not enuff light not strong enuff also damage will delay the finish , best part they don't hermi over stress just take longer
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Understood. Thank you gentlemen.