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Harvesting method?

stoned snake

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hi im a bit away from harvest but never hurts to be ready i was wondering how to cut my plant down? do i take branches or do i cut the thing at the bottem or can i just pick off the buds what works for you guys?


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Re: harvesting method ?????

Cut the plant at the base where it meets the soil. Hang upside down in a room that is 65-75 degrees F with 55%-65% humidity. Too hot or too dry, the buds will "flash" dry and the chlorophyll will be preserved rather than breaking down slowly as it should, giving the buds a harsh taste and hay like aroma (not pleasent). Too cold or too wet, the buds will take too long to dry and you then run the risk of mold (REALLY not pleasent). Also, add a fan in the room to keep the air moving to prevent mold.


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Re: harvesting method ?????

I always pulled the leaves off the plant first, that way you dont have to do all that tedius manicuring. After that I cut all the limbs with thoseprecious flowers and hang them upside down, in a dark cool room, preferably 70 degress ferenheit. Its a great idea to get a dehuminifier for this, after all who wants moldy buds ruining their entire harvest.


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Re: harvesting method ?????

^^Thats exactly how I harvest, except, I don't hang dry. . . I will go ahead and start the trim. . . I use three paper bags at a table. . . 1 for trash, ( fan leaves and stems ) 1 is for trim leaves or anything with those lovely trich's. and finally 1 is for my manicured bud. I will bag dry for about a week or so, then to the jars for curing. . . :peace:

stoned snake

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Re: harvesting method ?????

ok kool thanks


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Re: harvesting method ?????

I pick an empty room.
Put the house on Lockdown and close your blinds
Line the floor with Paper
seal off the windows
Put 2 Automatic Mister Air Fresheners(Think Ozium) out side the room
Hang Clothes Line
put 5 hangers of "Damprid" throughout room
I have 3 oscillating fans and 2 Air Purifier's/Hepa Filters
Then, I trim before I dry, and hang the whole trimmed plant on the line.
I wait about 6-8 days..
Then I Cut the buds off the Branch and place in a drawer,
after a day or 2 , I process the buds
(Weigh, Package)
Wa La.

does it smell that bad ?
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