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Harvesting Seeds?


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Hey guys, heres the deal i have 4 really good quality Skunk Seeds germinating right now, well they have accaully just sprouted above the soil and i fucking love Southern Skunk and its hard to get around my area and I'm low on Skunk seeds, I have like 70 other seeds and there all bag seed, i was wandering how many seeds will a pollinated female plant produce? There all grown outdoors, under pure sunlight :love:, was also wandering when i should harvest the seed and will the male skunk plants produce any decent bud? Ive never grown a Skunk strain and I can only find limited information on them, can you guys post any pics of your seed harvests and give me some tips, much love guys !


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Well you posted in the wrong place but there will be lots of folks who will see it! :3:

A big female outside could make thousands of seeds. The males will not have buds ...

Lots of good info here

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