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Harvesting time soon


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its harvesting time soon all 4 of my females are budding and are about to be done in say... 25-30 days about
so my questions are
1.) i was thinking about putting my plants in paper grocery bags then putting the bags in garbage bags to let them dry outside would this work? cuz i dont think i can dry them inside any way
2.) are the buds the part of the plant with the hairs and where all the leaves come out of? (yes im new at this)
3.) do the parts of the plants dry and form the nugs if done correctly?
4.) how much do you estimate four nice 3 feet tall females should yield?
5.) how would i go about curing the plants?
6.) are there any known simple methods that can shorten the drying process but not affect the taste or potency?

ANY help is greatly appreciated by anyone who knows a thing or 2 or maybe 7 about harvesting curing and such


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lol dude i dunno bout the trash can thing but yes the little things with the hairs and leaves comin out of it are the buds lol usually at the end of the branches plus u will have lil popcorn bus all over it anything with crystals and hair on it pick and dry and yeah when it drys it will form nugs its not hard it does it by itself no matter how u do it but hope that helps u some and its doesnt matter how big it is to get big buds it all depends on the light and how well u take care of it cant really tell u by u tellin us the height cuase u could have a 2 ft plant and produce more then a 5ft if u really wanted to like i said light and care is the key


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Congrats man, it's the most beutifull time of the year. But lots to do. Check those plants every day, that they don't get moldy, cut any yellowing leaves away so that the plants get enough air and light. Your biggest concern now is that those developing buds don't get and mold growing. If you think one is getting funky cut it out before it spreads. If there is a lot of other vegetation around the plant to hide it, cut it back so the plants air out good, and don't let any weeds be touching the plant or bugs and snales will crawl onto her.

How do you know they are ready in 25 days? I have been growing for years and I don't know when my plants will be ready, every plant is ready at different times, I hope, I would never make it if they were all ready at one time. Get a good magnifying glass, look at the crystals on the bud, when they are browning, it is time, CUT NO BUD BEFORE IT'S TIME. The buds on the top could be done before the buds on the bottom, and that is the best. Because you can leave the buds on the bottom of the plant and let them mature more, with more air and light now that you have cut the buds off the top of the plant. Before you cut the stem off the stock, cut off all the large leaves, it is easiest while it is still on the plant, then trim off all the leaves up to where they start to have crystals on them. Some people leave more, so the leaves wrap around the bud and protect it more, I trim them pretty good so they dry better and don't get moldy. I myself hang my Kolas in my Barn, mabee you don't have your own Bard, Can't imagine it myself, but putting the stems in PAPER grocery sacks is a good idea, fold it once over but not to tight, set it someplace with good circulation for a week, when the stem cracks when you bend it then cut all the buds off the branch and put them in Bags or Tupperware or something so they don't dry out to much. At this point some people go through what is called "Curing" but if it is your first Harvest then don't worry about that. Your pretty much doing enough "Curing" by moving them into more air tight packaging after they dry out enough that they will not get moldy any more. The week gets better after it has been in the bags for a while.

Don't get greedy and pic to soon, Don't try and speed up the drying process and screw up the weed man, it is unfortunate. The slower the weed dries without getting moldy the better it is.

Enjoy man.
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Hola to everyone out in the field doing God's work getting their crop in. I live at 50 degrees north and it will soon get cold at night so I have to start harvesting my earlier strains. I have mostly ACE seed hybrids, that I've with crossed with some faster hybrid plants because I'm growing outdoors in Canada and I know they'll be ready earlier in the fall. But also I like the pure sativas you can find from ACE that I plant in pots and bring inside around October 1 to finish off in a south facing window, usually in late November they are ready for harvest. Also I like Hemp Depot's Beanhoader crosses because he has some interesting hybrids with excellent genetics and all are quite economical (most are about $30 US for 10 seeds.) Some mature very fast and get huge.

Yesterday I harvested my Beanhoader cross Durban Poison x Big Freeze which was a huge plant until it split in four parts all landing in the tall grass or in my garden. I had topped it twice so there were four main branches that fell apart in a wind storm and landed on the ground like four compass points. The strange thing is all four parts survived and continued to grow as they were still tenuously attached to the main stalk. Strangely and happily for me each part started sending shoots up all over the garden and surrounding hill. Really strange. I think this plant will yield well over a pound of dried bud. Here are some pics. Has anyone had a similar experience with a plant splitting apart and continuing to grow?

Smoke report from a bud I microwaved to dry: The description at Hemp Depot says "electric stone" and that's right. I immediately felt a real head rush that got my heart pounding and that was followed by an utter lack of desire to move or do anything. Strange, like trying to run in two different directions st the same time. Then it became real relaxing but in my head there was an super aware component. So I would say with a proper curing those two effects may end up blending well together.

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