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harvrest question


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tel me smthing if i in the and of the harvrest and jast the top look ready .(i am in the middle of 7 week)
and all the rast from down not yat.
i can do the wash to all and after a week to cat the top and leave the rast to grow for 1-3 week antel they will be ready?
is it ok to grow them after the wash?
let me know about this thing
i am :47: yat so please understand me this is my 3 grow but for me is the 1 thet will be succeed :allgood: :allgood: :adore:


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hey man, my suggestion cuz i can barely understand ya, i think i get what ur sayin though, if u can get a picture, do so. let us know how u have ur grow room set up, then we can give u a better answer.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i'm new to growing my self, but i have 2 plants.

one plant i have been harvesting for over 1 month, bud by bud and it is still growing. it seems to slow the plant down, but it comes right back in a couple of days.

i don't think this is exactly what you are asking but its good to hear from you friend. glad to see your still continuing your grow.
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