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Has anyone any advice about growing my critical kush beans,anyone done them before ?


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can anyone give me any advice on growing my critical kush,never done a critical before and i am not going for quantities i would rather concentrate on the thc level of the plant rather than how much ounces it can produce,i know what pheno i got i know how long to give them i never go with the sellers recommendations i would rather catch them when i know there at there best and i know harvisting a bit early will not give you the stone you would get only for that extra week when the trichs are looking ready to rock and roll,i seem to get my best results from soil so thats what i use,i,ve done some research on thease critical beans and i think i,ve got my nuits down ready to go, last grow was a great success aswell done some black russian,great indica hybride,20%thc so the sellers said probably more like 17.5 tasted like and smelled of pineapple,great smoke and was very easy to grow, so any advice would be appriciated,,toked out,sorry for my grammer,lol happy smoking !


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Re: has anyone any advice about growing my critical kush beans,anyone done them befor

I can tell you that you need a 30-60 loupe. they are $5-$9.
when you hit the 2/3's point. start looking at the buds & leaves. block direct Sodium light from over head. I use a cardboard as a shade.
this lets you see true color.
(1) what you will see early on is a clear tricomb. (if unsure lookup pic) they all are crystal clear. harvest too early & its a lightweight buzz
if you were to harvest during that later stage you get a nice head buzz, very up beat & social .
how long you wait into this STAGE determines how strong/ long lasting it can be.

(2) NEXT: it progresses into a clear/ cloudy stage.{ for a great prevasive HEAD STONE just here is a great time to take some for "Testing"}

(3) the last stage is slowly progressively going to a golden amber color.
My personal preference is am eyeball call of 70% Clear/Cloudy to 30% Amber thru out the leaves/ buds. the longer you wait now, the more pronounced a body stone it aquires.
I dry in darkness & controlled Humidity, till it is in lo 80's or 70's. them move to mason jars to cure down to lo 60's of humidity. do NOT dry below 60 degrees. it holds/ stores well right at + or - 60.
get a CALIBER III DIGITAL HYGROMETER . $20 fits in jars & will allow perfection!
Luck all,
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