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Has anyone grown any of these ?


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I have narrowed down to a few seeds, and I would like some information on them.

1. have you ever had any problems with the seeds from either of these companies



Also have you ever grown these seeds, if so what .....

yield did you end up with ??? and under what grow conditions.

Were they easy to clone from ??.

Any likes or dislikes ??

From Dinafem

Industrial plant ?

Critical + 2.0 ?

From Female seeds

Iced Widow ?

From The Flying Dutchman

Dame Blanche ?

Dutch Delight ?

Edelweiss ?

Power Skunk ?

I am interested in hearing all the information that you can give me. I already know of the " Breeders " information but I always take what they state with a pinch of salt.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your help.



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I've grown Female seeds, Lemon Kush (Pakistan Chitral). Probably the finest smelling citrus flavour I've grown with a wonderful uplifting high when harvested at cloudy. The seeds were very cheap, @2.00 GBP. I would highly recommend Female seeds, however I haven't tried the others. I bought them from a seed company, rather than directly from them.:peace::peace::peace:
Hope this helps and good luck.:peace:
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