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Has anyone grown "Fast Girl"?


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Hi all,

This is going to be my 1st outdoor crop in southern Nevada. I started yesterday, germinating Fast Girl seeds using the paper towel method. I put a small drop of Thrive Alive B1 (green bottle) in the distilled water. When they pop, I am going to put them in 16 ounce cups and use Fox Farm seed starter medium and add a bunch of perlite to the soil. I have a 90 watt LED light that I am going to use to start them off.

After they get their first three tiers of leaves, I am going to move them outdoors. Eventually, I am going to transplant them in Happy Frog potting soil that has 90 days worth of nutrients already in them (that's what I was told anyway). I have Monster Grow and Dark Energy nutrients to feed them. I am going to give them only a little bit of one of them (don't know which one yet) as they are growing.

When I move them outside, they are going to be under some kind of cover so the sun will be diffused a bit, so they won't get the full sun on them.

I would like to start the flowering stage about 11 weeks from today, if all goes well.

My questions are:
1 - Has anyone ever grown Fast Girl before? Any comments or suggestions?

2 - Should I buy or use different nutrients?

I haven't bought a digital ph soil meter yet. I am researching now.

Any suggestions for growing my babies would be greatly appreciated.
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