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Has Anyone Heard From Shady Lady?

Big dog

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I haven't seen her posts in a long time. I understood that she was not well; but, the last I heard she was recovering and would be back with us soon. That was more than a month ago. Does anyone have more news?

Jim Finnel

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no more news yet. her sister was updating us. i'm taking no news as good news. she remains on staff as a newshawk. thanks for asking.


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Yeah, where is she? Hope she's well.:3::peace:

Jim Finnel

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This was the first report we recieved from her sister 05-05-2007
Unfortunately shadylady was rushed into hospital with a serious virus on the 5th. she was placed onto life support machine where she has just begun her slow recovery and will be expected to be removed from the machine within the next couple of days...
her family have been by her bed side and will remAIN until her total recovery and discharge.

We will try to keep you informed as she progresses and wish her family all our love
Many thanks for taking the time to read and understand the situation, perhaps you could inform the others of the predicament.

This was next 05-07-2007
As some of you know I'm shadylady's twin sister.
I along with her hubby Jamman have been keeping vigil at her bed side, she was struck down with some kind of mystery virus that made her collapse at her home. She was thought to have a really bad case of the flu at first!
Upon her entry to Hospital, the doctors decided to take blood tests and as her condition deteriorated she was drip fed strong antibiotics, sedated and ventilated, to minimise stress to her body and to allow her body to mend!
Her hubby 'jamman' and her four children are devostated and are being comforted by family at this time!
The hospital have confirmed that she had some complications, including blood poisening, which is believed to be part of this virus!

Although she has made a little progress, she has a long road to recovery ahead and she has not as yet been taken off the ventilator... I shall keep you all posted when things change and as she recovers... I will pass on your well wishes to her hubby and children and we will let her know when she is well!

Thankyou to everyone I shall be in touch again soon!

Then this 05-18-2007

Shadylady came off the machines last night, she's still in hospital and has been moved off the high dependency unit this lunch time!
She was diagnosed with viral myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle!
She sends her love and thanks to everyone for the kind words and well wishes you have all sent, she cannot wait to be back, although she is utterly devostated that she won't be out of hospital for a good couple of weeks!

She is still being drip fed antibiotics, and is hoping to have something to eat tonight, she say's she's starving!

I'm sure as soon as she get's back home and of course strong enough, she'll be back browsing through the boards once again!

So Many thanks to you all here, your true friends to shady'...

Thats the last i've heard. I have no email addy for her or her sister. Wish I did. If anyone does would you please pm it to me.

Thanks for not forgetting about her.


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shes been in my prayers.

I hope she is well.
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