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Has anyone tried 14/10 in late flowering?


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i dont know for a fact but all of the experts flower in 12/12, its the closest to nature i think...i believe that 12/12 would be the best for your plant...goodluck


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Is 14 hours of dark or 14 hours of light? Generally you cut back the light cycle if anything. It takes longer for the plant to finish but I have heard of it before, its supposed to be good.

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If you are talking 14 dark and 10 light, your plants will finish flowering about a week earlier, but you will have a reduced yield. I have read many accounts where growers reduced their light cycle to 14/10 to take advantage of the earlier finish date.


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YES - I watched a video from THC Labs out of Canada, and one of the growers recommended increasing the hours of light up to 16 hours for the last 2 weeks of flowering. Along with a diet of water only for the last 14 days.

I have yet to try this method personally, but intend to with the current batch that I have in flowering. 35 days left and counting.....


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im flowering my babies outside right now. there on 12 12 but they'll be at 14/10 the last few weeks so ill let you know how this goes. i watched the thc labs vid and they do it everytime so maybe ill get some killer bud with the longer days...

how much longer will it take to finish you think?


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for the strain white widow:

"Greenhouse Seed co. suggest changing the lighing to 8 hours during the last 2 weeks of flowering in order to halt regrowth on the buds and produce just enough stress to coax out the maximum amount of sticky resin per inch" (the big book of buds, ed rosenthal)


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hey, is it bad to keep with the 18/6 while in flowering? and then change into the 12/12 a couple weeks before harvest?
thanks for the help

18/6 the plant should stay in veg stage,
unless its autoflower strain I guess?


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dont really have a clue, one of my buddies told me its a afgan, but i have two other strains right next to it that are starting to bud nice, but my afgan isnt near the flowering stage quite yet, so i am not sure how much light to go, i want my others to bud nicely, but yet i want the afgan to get bigger yet if you know what i mean.


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I've increased the light to 14 on in the last 2 weeks of my cycle and didn't notice any huge gains as far as time saved or yield. When you factor in the electric bill for the month. it definitely was not worth the effort. Try it for yourself. I do not think you can do any harm. If it works, let us know:bong:


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I agree with SFhaze, you totally can do 14/10. I am currently finishing up a girl in the greenhouse, totally sun powered. Light is now at about 12.5-13 hours a day, she should finish up with around 14/10 in mid april. Seeing how it is a progression of a few minutes a day getting lighter, nature will allow.

I suppose if you tried to "JUMP" from 12 - 14 hours of light the plant may not tolerate it and go into shock while trying to revert to a veg. state?- this might explain possibly seeing no changes in your yield. Try it gradually, your yield will increase.
just my $.02
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Prior to turning my grow into a perpetual harvest. I was playing around with photo period manipulations..... and running 24-12 for the last 14 light/dark periods... this increased the actual time for the final 2 weeks to 3 weeks... I tracked a varying increase in yield of 8 to 12% per harvest.

The important factor that needs to remain constant is the dark period needs to be 12 continuous hours or more for the plant to remain in flowering.


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I myself do 12/12 till about my last week then I go to 10 on 14 off I do get a little bigger buds as for % not sure I don't weigh my stuff
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