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Drug squad officers raided an abandoned bakery yesterday - and discovered a £500,000 cannabis factory. Officers found 1700 super-strength pot plants - the raiding officerswere almost overcome by the fumes and forced to use breathing gear to gather evidence and bag the plants.

The cannabis, found in Cowdenbeath, Fife, had a street value of around £485,000.

Detectives, acting on a tip-off, found heating lamps, ventilation equipment and hi-tech hydration units to cultivate the plants.They struggled to move among the pots, which were packed into the bakery's five rooms, including its disused wholefood shop.

Police confirmed that a 51-year-old Vietnamese man was arrested at the scene. He is due to appear in court later today.

Detective Inspector Neil Kerr said: "This is the biggest cannabis farm we have ever found and it was a pretty sophisticated set-up. We're at the early stages of the investigation but it would be safe to say we were pretty stunned by the size of the operation we discovered."

Since October, Scottish police have busted more than 50 cannabis factories across Scotland with a street value of £3million.

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