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Hash/EVOO Capsules


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:allgood: I've been messin' around in my 420 locker for stuff to cook w/ because I have a 9 y/o grandson who doesn't know "Papa" is a MMJ patient...I don't want to run my volcano or bring out dank bud for his curious nose to pick up on.:60: Someday I'll have a discussion w/ him, but for now I wish to shield him...anyway I made 28 capsules using 1.5gms of kush hash/20 ml EVOO (X-Virgin olive oil) and took 8 capsules & was fabulously stoned for @ 6 hrs solid.:smoke2:
So...1st thing this AM I take 8 more capsules along with 10 caps of vaped weed in EVOO & was so medicated my wife had to drive me to the Coop for more hash to play with.:laugh2: 2gms Sour Diesel & 2gms O G Kush Hash (1st is a Sativa, 2nd is an Indica) Each 2gms in 25ml EVOO & slow heated @ 325 F for 3 hours...rapid cool & capsulate the majic EVOO a la Zed:sasmokin:


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:31: :31: Mr Z, I commend you!


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nice results it sounds like zed...if your making more capsules fromt he sativa and indica hash ide take a couple of each and it will sorta of even out your high...instead of just being stoned on the couch, or working in the yard...youll be pleasently stoned and joyass, while wanting to sleep afterwards


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:laugh2: Now having about 4 days of messing w/ this stuff and I feel a word of caution should be noted...Do not drive a car, fly aircraft or stir a boat on this stuff & definetly Don't drink alcoholic beverages.
My last batch was very stoney and I ended up sleeping away a perfectly good afternoon...I need to work on making it less stoney.
This is not a SMOKER'S high at all and more sleepy too. So one not used to eating MJ in edibles or concentrate capsules may feel disappointed if they expect the same effect as smoking or vaping their favorite stuff.


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Mr Z.. yes edibles are an entirely different world.. narcotic would be a fair way to describe it. Your cautions should be well heeded.

:peace: :3:


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I want to do this and feel the effects. I would love you Zed if you showed me exactly what you did to make them. :3:

:laugh2: I couldn't photo shoot a series, because I'm too cheap to buy decient equipment...You will need an eye dropper bottle or medicine bottles w/ dropper bulb syringes & gelatin capsules(from a health food/vitamin store) & a block of stryo-foam to use for holding up capsules.
    1. 10 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    2. 1gm high grade hash Sativa is less sleepy, but needs more capsules to acheive proper altitude or Indica which is sleepy/stoney...very narcotic like
    3. 1 cup glass pyrex measuring cup
    4. Pre-heat oven to 320 F
    5. Pour oil in measuring cup and add hash
    6. Place in 320 F oven 2-3 hrs.
    7. After 1st hour pull out oil and using a dessert spoon, try too smash the hash and break it down as much as you can.
    8. Do it again the 2nd hour and then leave it to slow heat for the remainder of the time.
    9. Let cool 20 min. and stir the oil to see if you can reduce the particle size using your spoon
    10. Pour your oil in the dropper bottle (if you use a dropper bottle that comes to a point, you may need to snipe part of the tip off to ensure good flow.)
    11. Take the styro-foam and using a regular ball point pen puncture holes 2 rows of 5 holes to hold the capsules & puncture deep enough to hold the capsules upright.
    12. Using the dropper, aspirate your oil and then transfer it to the capsules (Which should be sitting up beforehand)
    13. Gently connect the top caplet to the bottom caplet and push together until you feel a click or hear it...you are now done w/ your capsules...
:smoke2: Using these capsules & then vaporizing some bud while high off the oil, appears to intensivefy both for a great combined effect.


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Wow, that sounds so amazing. I'm going to have to start saving my kief, so no more adding it to the top of bowls, blunts, joints or in vape, but oh well....it will be worth it once I save enough. Yea I was thinking vaping or smoking would intensify it because I've had edibles before and then smoked/vaporized and it definitely heightened the high. I will try this in over the summer and have a goooood time!

Thanks man!


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Sure would...providing the dogs aren't working your destination.:smoke2:
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