Hash Hounds Brixperiment with Doc's Kit

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everything seems to be top notch in here! nice flowering beautys and that hodge podge bubba k didnt look to bad either

hey there ilikebike, that Bubba Kush was a nice surprise and a good yielder also.

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Im still confused as to wgat the high brix kit actually is. Could you explain it a bit for me?

The exact ingedients are in one of Docs last two journals if not both. And he explains in detail, yet laymans terms that don't confuse ya.

but here is a summary;

Doc already had Promix HP soil tested. The kit is what a lab recommended is exactly what isneeded to get the optimum quality out of your crop, by acheving a high birx level. Or something close to that. Doc will correct me if I'm a bit askew in my explanation.

The kit contains a few granular/powder items for mixing in to the soil and later top dressing. And a few liquids for watering and for foliar spraying.

No guess work on the amount of nutes to use. Well, I have to do a little math since the kit is for 6 or 7 plants and I am doing 4. I have been very very careful in my math and measuring. .

You need the kit, a bale of Promix HP and some worm castings and you're all set.

The instructions are easy to follow.

As for how all this brix thing works, You gotta read Doc's journals.

When my son was young and needed a calculator for school, of course I started on my rant about needing to know the long way to solve math. His response was "someone else already did the leg work for us so why shouldn't we use that knowledge"

Doc did the leg work. In several areas I might add. I have been a grow behind him since the OC+ days. I keep copying, and I keep hitting home runs. I expect a grand slam this time.

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And i second that notion on an organic crf.. But i havebeen exploring those two, and have found espoma which might be a good rought to check out if you could find an organic mineral supplement to add in one of the layers of perlite? But theb again espoma might be a TRF im not 100% sure still researchibg and havent really gone to in depth with it cuz im pretty happy with how the OC+ has been workibg for me.

I don't think you would need something like Epsoma in a hempy with the OC+.

I think too much would be washed away and wasted.

It wouldn't hurt to try though. Especially if you have a few plants to experiment with and try different things and compare.

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i will most deffinately follow yours and docs footsteps in the high brix kit :) i love experiments!

Check out Curso's grow also. He is using Doc's kit.

He is way ahead of me. His plants look awesome.

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Well they got the drench yesterday, and will get their weekly checkup tomorrow. I'll see if there is any immediate noticable improvement in the resin production.

I also think installing a new 600w SunMaster Deluxe HPS a few days ago is gonna have an immediate impact. That is my normal flower bulb.

I was a little disappointed with the results of the HTG Digital+ on the last grow. The pot is real good, but if the resin production was better, the pot would have been even better. It did dynamite as a veg bulb, but never really brought out the tris like I thought it would.

Between the drench and the new light, I am expecting to see so much resin, Jorges Diamonds will look like matte finish next to these. :16:

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Not that the Digital+ didn't grow some nice buds, but the trichome production seemed way lower than normal.

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What brand of bulb would you recomend is the best? I have always just gone the cheapo route but that was when i was just growing for me. Now i will be growing for others here shortly and dont want to cut corners :/

Thanks Thatoneguy

P.s. Have you looked into those CMH? They look impressive :0

I'm not sure what other bulbs are "better". All I can attest to is the SunMaster has worked well for a few grows now.

I would say most of the reputable big name brands work fine. Like cannasensi said he likes the ultrasuns and at under $50 that sounds like a good deal. The SunMaster is $80.

Since my MH Conversion crapped out and I hardly even used it, I figured the Digital+ with more blue would be good for veg and flowering rather than buying 2 bulbs. I will still use the D+ for veg, and save the SM HPS for flowering.

I to am a cheapo and thought saving a couple bucks on the bulb would be no big deal, but I am almost positive it had something to do with sub par trichome production last grow.

It could be me or other factors that lead to low tris, but the plants were ultra healthy and it is hard to pin point the blame, so I have to try process of elimination to figure it out.

As far as the CMH goes, I have no experience with them.


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I love cmh as well lol. I use a 400w to mix the spectrum up in flower. GE makes a great cmh bulb under 30 bucks (400w, 1 k gets a bit spendy)


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Thabjs for the insight Hash, Canna. When you say conversion does that mean you have a regular ballest and not a digital? Perhaps it will work better in my ballast? We will see lol.

Canna, what have you seen as far as improvements with the CMH, i have heard thag it really helps "sugar coat" da budz :)

Icemud uses a CMH :48:
Heres a link to his journal 420 Magazine ®


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Icemud uses a CMH :48:
Heres a link to his journal 420 Magazine ®

I love my CMH bulbs and until something better comes out with a full spectrum in the 400w range I will stick to CMH. When I initially started to do my research on bulbs, spectrum charts became very important to my decisions and when I looked at a CMH vs a HPS or MH common sense just told me to run with the CMH. Especially for the price 35-50$ a bulb, you could by 2 to 3 bulbs for the price of any other "grow" bulbs. The spectrum also is more red tinted than a typical MH bulb, I believe mine is 4K rating so really appropriate for flowering or as a secondary light with a HPS. I use 1 400w cmh in my veg tent and I use a 400w CMH with a 600w Ushio HPS in my flower tent and so far have had amazing harvests, tons of trichomes and a very full high. I believe that even though photosynthesis is driven by the PAR spectrum, it doesn't mean other colors/wavelenght go un-used. Even contrary to popular believe 550nm green is used by plants and I think that the closer to the sunlight the better. Many may agree or disagree but I know so far the buds I grow are amazing under the dual spectrum with CMH and veg also is amazing with CMH.

I made a simple tool for checking your light outputs called a spectrometer and it will give you a good idea of what bands of light are being output from your bulbs as well as the intensity...to build one...click the link

420 Magazine ®

Here are some of the comparisons of a 400w HPS, 400w CMH and a 400w Ushio MH conversion.
Ceramic Metal Halide vs HPS

Ushio Optiblue MH conversion

Cermaic Metal Halide

Ceramic Metal Halide

Ushio Optiblue MH conversion

Ushio Optired HPS

If you get a CMH, make sure you get a horizonal bulb if you have your bulb running horizontal, or a vertical bulb if mounted vertically, you can not switch the position of the bulb as they are made specific to the mounting. Also CMH bulbs only run on Magnetic HPS ballasts... as far as I know they will not run in digital, however, Phillips did release a pulse start CMH but the spectrum output is much different.
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