Hash Hound's Searching For His Puta Blanca

I wanted to do a journal when I finally made some seeds from my legendary White Widow.
After several years of poor results I finally got a few seeds to work with. I used Coliodal Silver and selfed a 30th generation clone of my original WW, I'll refer to my seed version as my W, not to confuse with the original WW

In 2011 and I got a freebie Dutch Passion White Widow. It was in AAA+ category. Everyone who smoked some was in shock. The only way I can describe it is very narcotic, like I got a shot. It made my girl friend “twitch” and the next time I saw her she said are going to smoke more of that White Whore? thus the search for the Puta Blanca.
I cloned the WW and gave one to my pal the Klone King who has clone of cloned her for 9 years, he figured the last batch he gave me were 30th generation. I think thirty generations has affected the genetics a bit. She was originally sprouted 12/12 from seed, and KK keeps his clones 24/0! I've grown his clones 22 times and have noticed the past few have lost a bit of the potency she had. A friend just grew out one of my W seeds and the stretch trait got passed on and the unique taste, but not the AAA+, a good solid A+ though. I have one flowering now and its the same stretch, but the one I will be using in this search for the PB seems to be more compact.

I also used the same WW pollen on one of my top strains a Dinachem naming it Hound Dawg.
And with a OG Kush calling it WoGi Kush. I can’t believe how many hours I put into thinking of this stuff, I figure it’s better than seeing a shrink, but maybe it means I DO need a shrink. Hey wait I already have one, never mind.

This journal will be about using CS and or STS on either my W or one of the HD’s and pollinate all the plants in the room including a Humboldts Blue Dream, and hopefully getting a bunch of seeds from each, and one of them producing some Puta Blanca!

So here goes. I sowed five seeds and got five sprouts, go figure. I only wanted three and usually get a few no sprouts.

The line up is:

my Widow, 2 Hound Dawg, WoGi Kush and a Blue Dream.
They sprouted in three days. All are growing vigorously, but surprisingly my W is the runt of the litter.

What to cross with what? If I use the HD or WG, the seeds will be 50% WW and 75% on my W.
But, I’m leaning towards using my W as the pollen donor. Since my W pheno has lost some stretch, if I self her and use that pollen on the others I would hopefully revived and saved the original WW which has been my goal for years, to share her with others. And the others will produce 75% WW crosses

I’ve either bored some to death by now and they left long time ago, or you’re intrigued to see what happens and if you’re going to be some of the lucky ones to be gifted a few seeds of Puta Blanca!
some stats

Flowering in 2x4 closet using Platinum 300 on one side and a Timber Vero 240 on the other.
Vegging in 2x2 with a Budget LED 65w

Soil: Promix Organic has been the soil of choice lately via convenience... Black Gold, FFOF, etc.
Amendments: have been mostly dry organic powders, mainly Dr Earth Bud and Bloom, Tomato & Veg and Life All Purpose. I've also used FF powders and Roots Uprising line. Recently adding Agricolas Minerals in to the mix with great results.....until recently. More on that later.
And I'm going to try another powdered nute, Organically Done's Bloom. STOP EXPERIMENTING!!! Sorry, I'm talking to myself now.
I amend the soils with some worm castings, Dr Earth, minerals, etc. mostly 5g-7g bags.
Feed lightly with: Roots Buddha Grow/Bloom/Trinity, and DrEarth Teas. Usually a tea or two of each grow.
I just got samples of Elevation Organics Peak Harvest Grow and Bloom in the mail, fish based, PEEWWW!!!
STOP EXPERIMENTING!!! Sorry, I'm talking to myself again.

this is the line up
day 15
P157 aWxs d15t.jpg

day 30
P157 aWxs d30 b.jpg

day 38
P157 W d38.jpg

lower left are some of beez NL for handicap friend
This is what's flowering

Col Gold wk 6 struggling a bit with most likely a lockout

Gelato wk 5 no LST no defol til last week I removed the main fans.

my Widow wk 6 in a 3g Eco-Grow sip pot....stretchy bitch

and a clone of her I used CS on, 3 weeks in no signs of pods. I just received some STS and I've done that 2x on her also.
That's one of the reasons I might not use the other W as the pollend donor, it's a finicky strain and might doom the experiment. It might depend on how the previous one turns out.

The White Widow I have tried was a good buzz it just didn't have any staying power seemed to last about an hour then it wears off. Is the old WW better ? It could have been which breeder it was from too
I've grown several different breeders of WW, Dinafem, MOC, Seedsman and even more seeds from Dutch Passion two different batches and none were as good as this freak freebie. All real good, but not like this one. I think 7 of my top 10 strains were freebies.
I'm in HH :D All of your plants look like top shelf smoke. WW is a classic too. I keep a whitewalker kush in my garden. Nice balanced high from WW x Skywalker OG
I'm in. I have some old WW seeds stashed that might come up soon.

Thanks for visiting guys

What a coincidence Dankman. I recently grew a Skywalker OG and I pollinated her with some WW pollen, all I've found so far is one seed!
Subbed :hug:


Let settle in here and read the backstory. :nomo:
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