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Hash oil in baking?


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I can get my hands on some hash oil but have only ever used cannabutter, I am assuming I would put butter/vege oil in a saucepan and slowly warm on low heat and put the hash oil in and allow to disperse. Then use this mix in place of butter/ oil in the recipe.
Has anyone ever done this? is this the right way to go about it?


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Yep its very easy to use. Pour whatever oil is required for recipe into a saucepan at a low simmer, pour in the hash oil and just let it simmer for a few minutes to get well mixed, then add to your recipe. I really prefer using oil over butter in recipes because its just so much easier.


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what about the Co2 extracted hash oil? is it Decarboxylated and ready to use or does the melting of the hash oil into the oil to be used in the recipe do that? I have 500mg or 1/2 gram of hash oil in a syringe. I can go buy more I just wanted to try it before I commit more.
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