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Hash question

Jess Himself

New Member
So I've been using a knife to cut up the hash I have, and now I'm left with 2 little nugs. So would I be able to throw those in a metal buster and bust them up?

Stupid question I know, but this is the first time I've had hash.


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I dunno about anyone else.....but when I have had hash in the past I would gently warm it with a lighter for just a second or two. Then gently rub it between your fingers to "fluff" the hash.
That makes it really easy to light and smoke.


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when mine get small lik e that i try to shave it verry fine that way you can just add what you need with your knife edge. ( kinda like you would a line of powder) that way its fine and easy to use. just a suggestion tho:tokin:
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