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HashGirl's First Indoor Grow: Dark Devil Autos In Hempy, 2020


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Good evening, folks.

I retired from my job yesterday after 30 years there and the first thing I wanted to do on my first official day of retirement was learn how to grow cannabis. I've been reading about growing hempy for a while now and have lots of great help from the guys on Hempy Headquarters like @FelipeBlu , @Buck5050 , @DrDoob , @CADBOY , @Piña Delores, @bluter and, last but not least, @SweetSue. If I forgot anyone, I apologize in advance.

So, as you can tell from the title, I will be growing 2 Dark Devil Autos in Hempy. I chose hempy because that's Sue's preferred growing medium and she has agreed to mentor me. :4: And, I chose Dark Devil because I :love: it.

Okay, here are the basics:

What strain is it?

Dimensions (L x W x D) of grow space?

3x3 Mars Hydro tent

Mars Hydro 3x3 Tent.jpg

Outside of Tent2.jpg


Filter Before Hookup to Vent.jpg

Filter After Hook Up to Vent.jpg


Inside Tent.jpg


Hempy (100% perlite)

Pots & Sizes?

Currently, the seeds are in 16 ounce plastic cups covered with plastic wrap. When they're ready to move to bigger pots, I will be moving them to two 5L black pots.

Size of light?

Mars Pro II Epistar 320 LED

Is it aircooled?


Temp of Room/cab?

It's 73F in the tent but the seeds are in plastic cups about 9" under an LED light.

RH of Room/cab?

What is RH?

PH of media or res?


Type and strength of ferts used?

For the first feeding, I mixed 1/4 teaspoon General Hydroponics FloraGro and 1/4 teaspoon General Hydroponics FloraMicro into 3.79 liters of well water. I then poured out enough of it to fill 2 16-oz plastic cups with it.
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So, this was my very first time having anything to do with growing but I followed SweetSue's Hempy Cup Germination picture tutorial found here: SweetSue's Hempy Solo Cup Germination - Picture Tutorial. And, Sue's photos made it all look pretty easy but it wasn't. At least, this time it wasn't. I expect I'll get better after a while.

The first thing to do was rinse the perlite, which Felonious (husband for those who don't know) did for me outside in a canvas bucket. Good guy. :4:

Next we burned a hole in each cup about an inch or so from the bottom and added the perlite.

Next we mixed up the nutrients. Sue had recommended half strength but the bottle said 1/4 teaspoon per 1 gallon/3.79 litres and Felonious thought that was probably diluted enough. We mixed up the full gallon and then poured a little bit of the mixture to test the PH. Initially, it registered at 6.7 (?) but after some back and forth with PH up and PH down, we got it to 5.5 PH.

At that point, I poured some of it into each of the 2 plastic cups without holes as per Sue's tutorial but when I put the cups of perlite into them, most of the nutrient liquid emptied out of the cups so we tried again but this time we just put the 2 perlite cups into the 2 empty cups and then added enough nutrient mixture to the perlite and let it soak for about 5 minutes.

When that was complete, I pulled the perlite cups out of the nutrient cups and let them drain somewhat. From there, they went on small brown plant saucers to catch any remaining liquid draining out and it was time to put the seeds in.

The first one went well but when I did the second cup and added the seed, the perlite all collapsed into the cup and the seed dropped way down to the bottom of the cup so we had to find the seed, do the whole nutrient soaking thing again and then I was able to plant the second seed but this time, I pressed down on the perlite before adding the seed just to make sure it wasn't all going to collapse again.

Then I covered the cups with plastic wrap and placed the cups 9" under an LED light. And, here are the photos I took:

Seedling 1.jpeg

Seedling 2.jpeg

Covered Perlite - Side View.jpeg

Covered Perlite - Top View.jpeg


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Congratulations on the retirement Hash Girl :circle-of-love: And welcome to the new you as a grower :thumb: an awesome retirement plan if I ever heard one

Retirement grow party! :party:

I’m in :popcorn:
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Hi HG!

Congrats on retirement. Glad to see you're already doing something useful with it.

Looking forward to the grow.

All my best,


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