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Hashish homemade


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what you need
100 grams of weed for about 30 gram of solid hash
1 kilo of pure alchool
1 flat glass bowl large
a very fine silk to filter the weed

the process
put the weed in the frige overnight light up a joint and go to sleep
in the morning put the weed in the mixer and break it until fine not dust
turn over the mixer in a large fine screen
screen the weed to take out the trichromes place aside
take the trichromes from the mixer too using a small brush normally there would be stuck in the sidesnof the mixer ,place aside with the other crystals that you screen before
the weed in the bowl now.fill the bowl with alchool,a lot of it until the weed swims inside.place the alchoool weed mix in a dark area for at least 5 days or more.notic ethat the alchool will turn dark green.the darker the better.more rezin.
after 5 days filter the weed in the large glass bowl.reduce alchool not with heat
important no heat at all
reduce and the rezin oil comes out its gonna be about 10 15 grams deppends the weed

the last step

take the pirex bowl with thw rezin scrap everything with a blade a razor or something sharp and flat heat up from the above if necessary make it a liquid fine oil stir inside the trichromes that you ve placed aside stir along that it transorms in a ball of hash you can stir also inside a little dust of weed for better results of aroma

and the final

put the hash in the freezer for a few hours after that press it for a few hours
press it heavilly but remember when you stir you have to make like the oil cannot escape for the dust of the trichromes ,if so put more dust of weed otherwize when you press it will stick very bad in the press
like making a good dessert...and using flour
you can smoke dirrectly but for better stoney results leave it for a few days to allow maturity.


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this sounds prety intence, omg im so medicated right now. mad props
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