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I've been a member since June 2015 but I've never introduced myself. I'm strictly a recreational user and I only use hash(ish), preferably eating it but if I've had a stressful day, a few tokes helps me relax.

My passions are music, mostly alternative rock with some classic rock, folk and punk mixed in and reading fiction, mostly mysteries and young adult fantasies/sci-fi.

I love music when I'm high but I also love it when I'm not. I'm more apt to listen to music when I get home from work and not watch TV. Typically, I record everything and watch when I'm in the mood. My favourites include Masterchef and all its spin-offs especially Masterchef Junior, Top Chef, Big Bang Theory (although it's not great this season), Mom, Law & Order, Downton Abbey and that's about it.

I love this website but I'm usually too high to read (or understand) the serious stuff. And, thank you to Richard Richardson who seems to like most of what I post. :thanks:

Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a good glass water pipe for smoking hash that's not too expensive, I'd love the feedback.


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Concentrates! Atta Girl!

Hey neighbor! You close to 420kingston? Lucky if so!

As for glassware, the only thing i recommend is thickness. Pay for quality, and also the "broken glass" or "shard honeycomb" filters are generally too efficient and clogs leaving you horking up nothing but .. nothing. I use fountain percolators for dab rigs and bongs.

For hash i would use a very simple percolator. I would also try making full melt. I don't know what your situation is. Enjoy! And merry christmas.
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Thanks for the pipe advice, MM.

I live in the same province as Kingston but I live closer to Hamilton.

Most of the time, I just heat some hash in coconut oil and mix it into full fat yogurt to eat, which is a way better high in my opinion but when I've had a stressful day and just want to take the edge off, I hit the pipe. I'm currently using a plastic honey bear pipe that I got in Peterborough last summer but I read somewhere that using plastic is not good so that's why I'm looking for a glass water pipe.

I'm pretty much a novice at all these terms -- "percolating", "dabbing", etc. When you say I should try making a "full melt", is that what I'm doing when I eat it or is it something else entirely?

If I don't talk to you again today, Merry Christmas (if you celebrate).


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Ok I would wait on the full melt. It's essentially thc in its most basic form. It melts and bubbles. Its like hash sans fats and plant product. Your not missing anything judging by your M.O of smoking. As in full melt is good for melting your face off.

You like to relax and you seem to have a good system. Remember, if it ain't broke.. don't fix it. So glass will be awesome for you, youll notice taste will improve. Get yourself a good cleaner solution too! I try to make one change at a time to not effect to many variables. This stuff is so temp variable the high is always tweak able. fun fun fun. BYE:high-five:
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