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Have anyone recovered from Root Rot at Rootball? Please help


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Hi,second time trying to do dwc,with one bucket same problems,root rot or whatever,prob is root rot is at stem roots,they brown...2 days ago did hard h2o run throu top of pot with 6% solution of h2o,now adding hydroguard to res and throu top of the bucket too..Plants 3 week old,do you think new roots will start to grow from stem? Im preparing ewc tea too.


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Re: Have anyone recovered from ROOT ROT at ROOTBALL? Please help.

I haven't dealt with root rot myself, but here's a bit of information copied and pasted from here that might be helpful: Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

Root Rot
What causes root rot? Low Oxygen levels. (DO) Desolved Oxigen. Temp's are the main reason for root rot, Low temps will lower the DO levels and high temps will cause low DO levels. Keeping temps between 65 to 72 will allow MAX DO levels or max o2 for roots. (Thank you so much for the information syko2! has provided above!)
Over watering also causes root rot, Root Rot infects parts of the roots, which then spread infecting the whole roots causing death, Root Rot can be caused by to high of temps in hydro as well as over watering. Not enough drainage in your soil can cause Root Rot, even signs of it looking over watered, because the soil holds moisture to long for the roots to dry out. So these 3 things are all connected together. The main one that causes everything is over watering. Once you find out you have root rot, depending on how bad the problem is, you can add H202( Hydrogen Peroxide) with your water or hydro setup to kill the bacteria caused from root rot. If the plant is severely taken over by it, there are only a few things you can do, cut off the roots affected by it depending on if its hair roots or tap roots, add H202, or just chop the plant. To prevent Root Rot, adding product's like Thrive Alive B-1, See Weed, Super thrive will help protect your plant's from root rot and will help cure root problems. ( Again ty so much for giving me the info syko2!!!)

Here is what root rot looks like: 4eBig thanks goes out to buzz, diggerdigzit and Shop Vac! Thanks for the pics guys! :tup:
First pic is of to high temps in the bubbler: Last 2 pics came from chemical burn root rot first pic, moldy rock wool with root rot.

Now I think it's also very important to not only find a solution, but figure out the cause of the problem, as you've said this is the second time it happened.

My first two questions are:
What is the temperature of the water in your reservoir?
Are you providing oxygen to the roots by using an airstone?


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Re: Have anyone recovered from ROOT ROT at ROOTBALL? Please help.

Keep temp at 68f-72f in the reservoir, and keep a few air stones in reservoir. Botanicare Hydroguard works great on root rot in DWC, it will work great if reservoir temps are higher in warm climates or rooms.

H2O2 doesn't work that well for root rot, because it just turns to water the next day and stops working, Hydroguard is what you need for root rot.


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check out this grow

recovered from root rot now 3 weeks in flower

they seem only a little smaller than ones that were perfectly healthy all the way through

using h2o2 you will need to top up with it everyday till you're done or at least till flush(personally I no longer flush, for some reason, I dont see the needs, even trimming off some big leafs right now in week 5 flowering, those leafs are covered in trichs and they are smoke-able, smooth and strong enough drying over 4 hours at 100f preheated oven, dont dry quick it with oven on), but it does work with the right amount mixed in.


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If your plant is still in vegetation phase, you CAN recover. Look at these 2 examples of a failed hydro op in flower.

If it's in flower, phuget about it. Your flowers will be too small come harvest time. Good luck, elevate your hydro game, you can do it!!

Sources : experience



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I used hydroguard in my hydro setup for a week because I had root rot and now my grow is infested with root aphids. Had to use some serious chems today to get rid of them. I would not recommend hydroguard to combat root problems. Maybe to prevent them, but if you already have root rot, it might just make things worse, like it did for me. I switched back to 30% h2o2 (2.5ml/gal every 3 days).
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