Have You Ordered From Crop King Seeds?

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"KING" "CHAT" ...long time customer here and very happy with Crop Kings Seeds all around, excellent customer service and good quality genetics. These guys are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! !!!
We are glad that you are satisfied with our seeds and services. It would be great if you could share your grow to the community. :)
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"KING" I ordered my fem white widows from crop king seeds, No issues at all with postage to australia. Prompt and well packaged.
Nice looking White Widow there Aussie Bud. Thanks for commenting.
My pleasure to show you what your seeds are capable of. I've got some Purple Kush & Crown Royale in week 2 of flower inside and all of your Autoflower strains except the Jack Herer outside soaking up the sun this round. I plan to grow out every strain you produce, and almost daily I send someone to your site...customer for life here guys!!
King and Chat, welcome to CKS is what i have to say. i have ordered from them in the mail from the USA with no issues. very clever stealth packageing as well. i have grown their Dwarf Low Flyer fem auto and thought it a nice daytime buzz from a plant with a extremely short seed to smoke timeline. just did a run north of the border and picked up some beans in person, all fem's : azura haze; purple kush; white cookies; and their "signature strain" crown royale. i have not grown or smoked any of these strains, nor have i seen many reveiws of them. so if anyone with experience with these strains cares to comment it would be much appreciated :D

i do indoor farming in a 2ftx4ftx5ft tent so it will be a few weeks b4 i can start putting the new beans into the garden. i currently have a nirvana seeds 'freebie' that is a sativa of unknown strain and a master kush and a aurora indica . the sativa needs another 2 wks or so and the a. indica is a week or so from being chopped.
i have to give CKS major props for cust service; prompt shipping and genetics as advertised. they are not the cheapest seed bank u will find but neither are they the most exspensive. for the record neither i nor anyone in my family has any finacial relationship with CKS whatsoever.
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Just wanted to offer a little constructive criticism for the guys/girls at cropkingseeds. Alot of other online seed banks are giving away a couple of freebie seeds of different strains with orders over $100 usd. Maybe you could consider something like this?
Thank you very much for the suggestion. We randomly send out freebies from time to time to our customers that's why we don't send free seeds for over $100 order. But, I'll open it up to the company.