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Have you seen what Hortilux has done with T5s!


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Oh my... Please add a bunch of these to my wish list. At almost $30 USD per bulb, compared to $6 for plain T5s, these had better be all they are cracked up to be... and if my presently owned and operating Hortilux Blue Eye Metal Halide bulb is any indication, they will be.

Here is the flagship of this new Hortilux T5 line, the all purpose white bulb, the FIRST T5 or any other commercial grow light, to include the UV spectrum!


Oh... but it doesn't stop there my friends... Now the LED folks are not the only ones with tuned and targeted grow lights any more. Check out these new additions to the T5 line:





So, Hortilux even suggests how to use these in a typical T5 array, and they suggest a mix for both 4 and 8 lamp arrays. Check out the spectrum that results from properly mixing these lights!



Now, just so you don't get this idea that I am working for Hortilux, let me tell you what I am going to do, now armed with the info I just gave here.

I love the white lights with the added UV. I will be adding 4 of those lights in my flower tent. I will also add 2 of them to my big 8 light veg array. But instead of buying 6 more of the various colored lights to go along with them, I am going to run the rest with Agromax Pure Par purple bulbs that can be gotten for $8 apiece instead of $28. Comparing the charts, I think the Agromax lights provide the same spectrum, without the UV and much cheaper. I do believe that the UV spectrum added to what I am already doing will make a huge difference in both tents.

If someone finds out where to buy these colored Hortilux T5's, let us know... so far I have not been able to find any distributors... these are that new!

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Wow, I wish those were around a couple years ago. They would be, by the looks of it, amazing for T5 growers and also as you suggest supplemental lighting. It's seems that indoor horticulture is a booming industry, lots of innovative companies doing what it takes to stay cutting edge in the grow world.

Thanks for locating and posting that news Emilya,

KIG :green_heart:cheers


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Here for comparison purposes is the chart for the Agromax Pure Par bulb:



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Based on Emilya's journal, I replaced my standard (broken) 4' T5 HO bulbs with T5 HO AgroMax Pure Par. They have the 'burple' look of LEDs (at lower intensity.) Only one run so far, but my Late Veg plants seemed to grow faster under it compared to the regular Veg T5 HO lamps.

The tops of these girls are 16-24" tall


I am getting the shiniest, darkest green leaves I have seen in veg




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I saw Hortilux had released a full spectrum with UV, but didn't know about the other light spectrums. Very cool! Thanks for passing this along, Emilya!


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