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having problems with humidity... help please!


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ok... this is my first grow and i just want some good advice on this subject (i know that can be hard to come by on these forums). A little about my situation, i have an 8x8x6.5 tent with 6 600w hps. I'm on day 14 of flower with some GG#4. i can keep my temperature at 75-78F but living up in the mountains i can't keep my humidity where i want it. It normally sits anywhere from 30-33% but i know thats low (at least thats what i read). Ive tried a bucket of water and a humidifier the problem I'm running into there is i think the fan i have is a little big for my room and is exchanging the air too fast and not giving the humidity a chance build... SO i guess what I'm asking is can my humidity being that low harm my plants? if so what can i do to help raise it? if not please help put my mind at rest lol thanks for the help
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