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Having sex: Need tips!


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Have you two got a spare branch that you can try rooting, to see if the resulting plant goes back into the growth phase? That might help.


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I’ve got a clone of it. Have enough pollen for what I need though. It was partly an experiment and partly because my timer busted so I decided to leave it on 24hr.
BigSur who is the guy who has a whole bunch of seeds in his freezer that he saved since the 70’s. He saved and labelled then whenever he encountered some good or unique bud- knows 100 times more about the plant than I ever will. As I mentioned before he has a technique of starting long-flowering sativas flowering indoors then sticking them outside in midsummer. He says they usually won’t reveg.
Goes against my experience with reveg but he definitely knows his shit- so I see some room for experimentation.
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