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Hawaii 5-0


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look at the difference in the plant.
stands out like a sore thumb!



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is that really just a phenotype variation, if so i think you found the holy grail of that strain. i would rock that for sure ^.^


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these came from the nicest person in thailand! only comunicated with that individual a few times and now lost contact! im impressed with the work this one does! ive implimented some into my work! youll see others, like the mp5k, thai, pure kush, and there are more. im only allowed a certain number of plants, the different strains and finishing days make things very difficult!
the things ive done over the past 10 yrs has even astonished me! i dont worrie about the bean aspect anylonger. when i find something i like i cross it with the same and other strains i have had good results with. results = pain relief.
peace 68
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