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Hawaii - A Cannabis Conversation At The State Capitol

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Medical marijuana users talked with the state's task force to help them decide what Hawaii's legal pot dispensaries should be like. Many medical marijuana users are passionate about their pot and the problems they face just to get it. "I just got my blue card yesterday, now what should I do? I'm an Iraq vet. I got blown up and I got some medicine for my pain. I think I broke the law because I bought it," said medical marijuana user Kevin Hart.

This task force is trying to formulate a dispensary plan, so those with their blue card will be able to legally buy their prescription pot. "We are looking at the whole chain, from the cultivators and growers to the retailers and dispensers. We are going to look at the whole chain of delivery," said Rep. Della Au Belatti, a task force member.

Before all those details are decided, the audience told the task force on Wednesday evening what was important to them. "Edibles should be made as ugly as possible. The most important thing this task force can do is to make sure they stay out of the hands of minors," said medical marijuana user Joseph Bobich. Some stressed dispensaries should be set up in communities where ever they are needed, so medical marijuana users have no trouble filling their prescription.

"I see the best way to access medical marijuana is to treat it like any other business. So there wouldn't be a need to limit these businesses. Why should the state limit how much access patients can get to their medicine?" asked Alan Yim. "We want safe access. We want the proper quantity, and we want sensible regulation," stated medical marijuana user Teri Heede. Safety was an issue repeatedly brought up, of the prescription pot and communities where dispensaries would be located.

"I'm concerned about the physical presence of dispensaries in our neighborhoods, specifically my neighborhood," said Marion Logan. "Without a regulated system we aren't able to ensure safety to our patients. How can a patient growing their own cannabis in their own homes ensure their plants don't contain mold, mildew or insects?" asked Malama Minn.

Along with telling the task force what they wanted with dispensaries, some also let the group know what they didn't want -- when it comes to cannabis. "I heard we're talking about taxing it. We don't tax other medication. I'm on social security. How you going to tax me for my medication?" questioned medical marijuana user Alejandro Tolentino. "However you decide to do the dispensaries, whatever governing body there is - it should not have anything to do with the Honolulu Police Department or the Liquor Control Board," added Steve Miller. There will be three more task force meetings, before the groups makes its recommendations to the legislature. That will happen before the start of next year's session so a bill can be crafted to set the standards for the state's medical marijuana dispensaries.


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