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Hawaii Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Bill To Legalize Hemp

Katelyn Baker

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Hawaii's full House of Representatives has given unanimous approval to legislation that would explicitly legalize the cultivation, production and distribution of hemp in the state. The measure — House Bill 2555 — now heads to the Senate, where it's expected to pass.

Under the proposed law, introduced by Representative Kaniela Ing (D-Kihei) with 34 cosponsors, those wanting to cultivate hemp will be legally authorized to do so, as long as they receive a license from the state's Department of Agriculture.

"Farmers called for the legalization of industrial hemp, and I am ecstatic to help answer that call", says Rep. Ing, who calls the measure "the most robust industrial hemp bill being considered this year," saying it follows models in Kentucky and Colorado.

The full text of House Bill 2555 (seen below) can be found by clicking here.


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Full Article: Hawaii Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Bill To Legalize Hemp
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