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Hawaiian Snow can i start in 12/12


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Unless its an auto flower seed, which it is not, you need to go 24 hours a day for 3 weeks then switch to 12/12.
That is supposed to be a good strain. It won the can cup a long time ago.

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You can start 12/12 from seed. My current grow is 5 different strains started 12/12.
Since they were fem seeds it isn't necessary to do it from the start, but it was an experiment and it has worked fine so far.
If they are reg seeds it is more advantageous to weed out the males earlier.

12/12 from start might also be good for a more sativa plant like yours to keep its height in check. Hawaiian Snow is straight sativa, right? I know Doc has some huge plants starting 12/12, but his are mostly mixes of sativa and indica (i think).

When I started my current grow I was nervous the plants weren't very big when they started to flower, but if you check my grow, you will see they have grown to a decent size.

Good luck qman
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