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hay frinds i need an advis


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i start the 5 week in 12/12 flowering -nl female they are looking grith.
i dont cut the top on them the grow big and bushy :allgood:
they have return sunlight to suntan .
jast now a few leafs atart to fall down but from the part down.

my question if i need to tike off all the leafs or to wait antil they fall down oneself ?
and if its necessary for good sunlight on them?

what you suggest :hmmmm:
:adore: :adore: :adore:


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Re: hay frinds i need an advis......

The very bottom leaves that aren't getting very much light will start to fall off shortly after the flowering stretch finishes... I'd remove any dry, crispy, crumbly leaves from the plant since she's done with them anyway.



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Re: hay frinds i need an advis......

It's normal. The plant stores energy in those leaves during veg, as the nutrients are used up during flowering they yellow & wither. They will fall off by them selves.
Some strains lose almost ALL of their large leaves by the time they're ready to harvest, some strains lose almost none.


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Re: hay frinds i need an advis......

ya i feeding them what they need like in the ghe chart.
flora,micro,bloom.bioroots in the bigining.bioblom,DIAMONDNECTAR
i give them 250w hps and 2 vanta and circuliyshen air it looks good as i say
but i jast wonder.......i pot also reflect light for all the body hahaha....
and the closet are: 60centimeter depth ,50centimeter centimeter, and 160centimeter height

my position is good ya???
i jast tike care of my female (laughing)
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