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Hay smell while curing?


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I am trying to get rid of that hay smell that sometimes accompanies drying buds. I am following the curing process that I have read from many websites...hang upside down in a dark place for 2 weeks with lots of ventilation, when the stems start 2 "snap" when I bend them I take the plant down and trim fan leaves and place buds in a paper bag for a few days, opening a couple times a day for proper ventilation, finally placing them in a jar for 2 weeks opening the jar a couple times a day to vent....well I have nearly completed the entire process barring about 3 days and have a light hay smell that is not desirable...what can or should I do?

Also, I was wondering for future reference what would happen if I let the buds dry in a paper bag? Or even laid them out on some cardboard untill they are COMPLETELY dry skipping the jar process, would I still end up with a hay smell? The reason I ask is because before I put the buds in the jar they had no type of hay smell whatsoever.

Thanks for any help = )


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No paper products when drying and curing. The buds seem to pick up the scent and taste of the paper products. I put mine in jars right away.. and when I take the lids off.. I take the buds and place them on a cookie sheet for an hour then back into the jars. I no longer have the hay smell or taste. :peace:
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