hay stonres i need a suggestion ...


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i bro....
today i start the 7 week in 12/12 with nl (she's look gooooood)
my question is the leaf dont start to fall or dry and fall.
part of them big the part from down.
the "problem i think" the bud dont get all the light (the leaf hide )
what if i tike off some off them it is ok ? i think thet left 3 week antel i start the dry what you think guy's???

is it ok ?
except for this everything is 100% :allgood: look and smel and i hope tasty and all bud is bud 🤘

i hope to her youer suggestion
this is my 3 grow and only him is goooooooooooooood (in the full sense of the word ):adore:
don't cut them off... if you want, you can tie them to expose more light to the buds... but i would just keep them on.. they help the buds flourish and grow... plus harvest is near like akorn said.. they should turn yellow and fall off on their own
ya you right i guess .
it is take 9 week the Harvest ijast star the 7 week.
i have time antil the flushing i whant it will be perfect (patience ).
so in the meantime i dont cut them ?
what you mean thet you say "indica" to the species or to the time?
because of the top of them look good buds allmost 70% brown .
but down not yat what you suggest????/??:allgood:
i need to cut the top in an 2 week and live the rast to grow or what and if what whith the flushing ?
help me to lern bro
Indica matures in about 7-9 weeks. Sativa can take 10-12 weeks or more. The way you describe it you have an indica. Flushing is using only plain water on them for the last weeks of life to get the nutrients out of them so they smoke better.

You could take the main buds and let the lower sections grow more if you like. Many people do this.
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