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Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower (Please Leave Thoughts or Tips!)


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:rollit: Hey Everyone, After I received my messed up clone (Which I created a Grow Journal for as well Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow (Tips!)), I decided to try and start from a seed, but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone locally that were willing to part with some of their seeds. One night I bought a dub, and amazingly there were some seeds in it (I know people find them all the time but I never had before haha) and I tried to germinate them right away. And this is a log of the one that decided to live.

Strain: Retard Haze (My strain lol), Sprouted 12/19/09, Don't know kind/sex
Location: Indoors, in my closet
Light: Not sure exactly, looks fluorescent but he said its a real grow light
Soil: Random Mix, decent
Pot: 3gl pot
Temp: 75-80
Fertilizer: None yet

Here are some pics from the first week of it's life (after sprouting)







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Day 6 Retard Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower

Here's day number 6. For some reason, the stock began to tilt over (I think it was because I hadn't buried the seed very deep, and it started to come out of the ground a bit!), so I had to put the pot at an angle in an attempt to have it straighten itself out


Close up



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Day 23 Retard Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower

Its finally day 23, and although it's not very big (I think its because my light isn't very strong at all), it's doing pretty well. But there is a little bit of yellowing...




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Hi Blayzed, just stopping by to see what's up. I was wondering if that is soil you are growing the plants in?

I start my seeds in small pots. And up-can as needed. The plants respond well to this up-canning. I start my seeds in the plastic thingies that you buy your flowers and tomatoes in from the nurseries.
When needed, maybe two weeks, I up-can to 16 oz. party cups. so on and so forth.

Ok much luck in your grow. :peace:


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Hey just stopped to see your babies. The reason that baby reached for the sky like that was the light was way to dim for her. You can keep florescents at about 2-3 inches from their tops and the babies will love it.

If I were you, I would take some soil and back fill her up to her wilted pre-leaves. Then she will root all along that long stalk and her growth will pick up.

Not sure why she is yellowing, hope a guru stops by for you.

The other girl looks good.

:peace: +rep


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NEW LIGHTS!!! Retard Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower

Good news, I was able to gather up some lights and sockets (I even had to use some of the shields from my brother's bearded dragon setup haha). I know it's not the best setup, but its a hell of a lot better than it was with just the Florescent Lights lol

Current lights are:
CFL 20w w/ Shield
CFL 20w w/ Shield
CFL 20w
CFL 14w w/ Shield
2 Random Fluorescent "Grow Lights"



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Day 30 1/17/10 Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower (Please Leave Thoughts or Tips!)


:roorrip: Just wanted to update you guys on this little girl's growth, Day 30. For some reason, the leaves are starting to yellow/brown on the tips a bit (which idk why, any tips???), and its not growing that much (I think its life was stunted for a while because I had such a crappy, crappy light, so its finally getting used to some normal light). But, with some good news, I've been able to buy a couple new lights! I got a socket-splitter, which split 1 socket into 2, which gave me 1 more 20W CFL, and I also bought a whole-nother socket, which added another 15W "Coneed" CFL. So, the current light setup is

3 20W CFL's w/ Hood
1 20W CFL
1 14W CFL w/ Hood
1 15W CFL "Coned/Flood"
2 Unknown Florescent Grow Lights




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Day 30 Again! Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower (Please Leave Thoughts or Tips!)

:51: Hey, for some reason, I accidentally posted 2 of the same Pics on my last post (on Jan. 17th), so here's the other picture that was supposed to be on there lol



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Hi Blayzed,

Is this grow still alive?
If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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