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Haze.io Advent Calendar

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Hey guys,

How's it going?

We hope you're already feeling the christmas spirit and you're as excited as we are!

We wanted to say hello on the lovely 420magazine forum and we figured there's no better way to start with a nice special and a bunch of free stuff! :)

We're currently running our very special Haze.io advent calendar on our social media, but we know that you guys don't like Facebook and Co too much. So forget what you can read on this banner, because our advent calendar is now open for 420 magazine as well !

We offer great special, awesome prices and new give aways every day until the 25th of December. And as a little welcome special you'll get the best of two worlds. We extended yesterdays special only for you.

Dec. 13th: Special Bomb Seeds give away!

Get 3 EXTRA Killer Purps Seeds with every Bomb Seeds order you place in the next 24h.

But that's not all!
Dec. 14th: OG Kush special

Get 20% off the infamous OG Kush by Dinafem!

Those specials are only available while stock last!​

We hope you'll enjoy our advent calendar and you have a great christmas time!

Ho Ho Haze.io
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Thanks for the kind words Mtn Dew!

We might not sell snacks, but we have other delicious goodies ;)

I'll remember your words!
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Today you get the chance to win not one, not two, but THREE 15% discount vouchers!

It's up to you if you keep them to yourself or if you hide them under someone else's christmas tree ;)

All you have to do, is let us know how you usually spend your christmas eve!

Good luck to all of you!


P.s:Needless to say, you can use only one voucher per order
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Hey guys!

It seems like you weren't so happy with our 15% discount give away.

Let us know what kind of give aways and specials you'd look forward to! At the end of the day you're the ones we want to make happy!

Would you like

- great discounts on special strains?
- free seeds?
- discount vouchers? (obviously not so much ;) )
- a new bike?

Help me to help you guys :)

Have a great day,
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Dec.18th - 20th!

Thank god it's Friday!

And what better way to kick off the weekend than a badass promotion from Heavyweight Seeds!

Get 5 EXTRA BUDZILLA seeds with every package of Heavyweight Seeds - ALL WEEKEND LONG

Our friends from Heavyweight Seeds also hooked us up with some awesome stuff!

Every order over £20 automatically joins this give away! All you have to do is post your order number in the comments and like our Facebook page!

Happy 4th advent weekend ;)


Ps: Winners will always be announced on our Facebook page and receive a private message in the forums!
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Here's a list of all the goodies that Heavyweight Seeds provided us with!

1 x Cap
2 x Heavyweight Seeds Canvas Bags
1 x Sticker
3 x 2016 Collection Brochures
4 x Keyrings
2 x Grinders
5 x Rizlas
2 x 1 Seed Promotional Pack Fruit Punch Auto
1 x Banner

Make sure you'll place your order this weekend and you might find those goodies underneath your christmas tree ;)
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Dec. 19th!

Today we have some really special for you!

Place any package of Ministry of Cannabis with your order and get 4 additional free seeds with your order.

2x Big Bud XXL

2x Zensation

Take advantage of this special now and save £30!

Ps: We recommend you to combine some Heavyweight Seeds order with Ministry of Cannabis Seeds to receive NINE ADDITIONAL FREE SEEDS!
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Dec 20th!

Hey guys and girls! :Namaste:

Are you having a nice 4th advent!

We have something amazing for you today if you like regular seeds!

Bc bud Depot created a new strain called Pamplemousse!

This indica dominant strain is super fast flowering and coming down is only 6 weeks! UNBELIEVABLE!

To celebrate this newness we're giving away some of those seeds for free!

Place an order with any BC Bud Depot package with us until Christmas Eve and get 5 FREE PAMPLEMOUSSE regular seeds for free with it!

This offer is only available while stock last, so hurry ;)

Merry Christmas!
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Dec 21st!

Christmas is coming closer and closer and we want to share our happiness with you!

And what better way is there than giving away 20x 2 SERIOUS HAPPINESS promo packs from our friends at SERIOUS SEEDS!

The first 20 orders that contains any Serious Seeds package automatically get one FREE promo pack with 2 Serious Happiness Seeds inside with it!

But that's not all!!!

Leave a comment below and also get the chance of winning something very different, but very special!

We're giving away 2 Juicy Jay incense MANGO packs with each 20 sticks inside!

This might be a little bit different from the classic seed promotion, but everybody likes a good smelling home, right? And the scents from Juicy Jay definitely provide a very exotic aroma!

Good luck and merry christmas!
You guys rock. So many giveaways and Christmas right around the corner. Afraid I will miss something. Jay if you keep rocking out the freebies you are going to be the new Santa.

The members I have gotten to know aren't to picky on freebies. Beans with good genetics is a must at the top of every ones list.


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You guys rock. So many giveaways and Christmas right around the corner. Afraid I will miss something. Jay if you keep rocking out the freebies you are going to be the new Santa.

The members I have gotten to know aren't to picky on freebies. Beans with good genetics is a must at the top of every ones list.
Beans are always good... I can't lie though. I'm in it for the hovercraft!
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I'll check if I can change my name to Santa Baker ;)

Btw. We expanded all our promotions until Christmas! So if there's some stock left on one of our promos you can enjoy them until the last day!
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Dec. 24th

Christmas Eve has come and we have one more special promotion for you!

Our friends at Dutch Passion provided us with 25 special Christmas Mix packs! The first 25 orders that contain any pack from Dutch Passion will receive one of those mix packs for free with their order!

But that's not all! You'll not only get a pack of amazing free seeds added to your order, you also get 1 snapback with your order!

But that's still not all!

Our Christmas present to you is a 15% discount on any order over the Christmas holidays.

All you have to do is use the voucher MERRY-CHRISTMAS during the checkout to apply the discount!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

Where do you celebrate Christmas tonight? We're celebrating at home with family and friends!