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Haze.io Valentine's Day Special - Spread The Love


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Hello guys and girls!

We hope you already made some plans for Valentines Day and in case you didn't, you're welcome for the reminder ;)


Which strain do you love the most? Let us know and get the chance to win one pack of this strain for free!

Simply go on our website www.Haze.io and copy the link to your favorite strain and tell us why you love it!

Your most favorite is currently not available on our website? No problem - Let us know anyway and link your 2nd favorite or 3rd favorite to make sure you can get some free stuff ;)

This promotion runs until the Monday, February 22nd - 8:00pm and the One lucky winner will be drawn at random as usual.

Spread the love! Tag your friends, call your parents, tell your neighbours and bring your pets, cause everybody deserves some love!

Looking forward to your answers and good luck to everybody!


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Thanks for another awesome promotion!

Maui Waui is the strain of choice in our house. I love growing it, we both love the way it smells, and momma loves the results. I've got plenty of Maui seeds so I'll take this time to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day! Squeeze someone tight this weekend! Thanks again HazeIO!!,


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Haze.io Valentines Day Special - Spread the love

Holy smokes, I love the site layout! First time visiting Haze.io, but super easy to navigate and I found my strain right away.

I'm a Critical Rapido type of lady. Pleasure without the pain is my game.


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You guys have a really wonderful selection of strains :)

I have always wanted to try Cream of the Crop Narcotherapy Auto -- Cream of the Crop - Narcotherapy Auto. Free US delivery. -- Cream of the Crop - Narco Purps Auto. Free US delivery. Cream of the Crop Narcotherapy Purps Auto

-- great medicinal strains with good CBD levels and heavy anti-anxiety effects, plus the Purps is super pretty :)

Thank you for your selection, your support of 420Magazine and this contest!
I'm growing one of those now in current journal.


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Thanks so much for the promo contest. It's really appreciated. I'd like to have a chance to receive CBD Crew Shark shock for a prize gift. The Reason for this choice is to be able to grow a strain with high cbd content for my sister, in order to eliviate her MS symptoms. She has been waiting on doctors for a medicard for over a year. This is after two years of failing to diagnose her condition. Fingers crossed and good luck to all who participate.


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I love what the breeders from the Iberian Peninsula do. I grow for my valentine and I would love to try some Cannabiogen Auto CBG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ......... <<<<<<Click Me

Happy Valentine.
: - )

The Saint Valentine made me buy some CBG Auto
my number 2 choice.

I have been to Jamaica when I was a very little boy, I have some really good memories with my family there in the 70s, the blue mountains and montego bay and all. I would love to grow new memories with

Eva Seeds Jamaican Dream

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Humboldt Seeds - Blue Dream. Free US delivery. Free usa delivery wow!! Great site!! My buddy orders from you guys alot, and he only has great things to say about the customer service, and fast shipping also...forgot about the stealth packaging ...Blue dream auto is my fav by far..The hints of blueberry are to die for, also i can get up , and do something when i smoke blue dream..This is what you want to smoke if you have pain guys..I hope to order from you guys very soon..:420:


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Dutch Passion - Frisian Dew. Free US delivery. I love this strain !! You can grow this plant anywhere, and its leaves looks like ducks footprints, very difficult to identify as cannabis...in turn less eye catching...it has a earthy and slighty musky smell to it cured...but the smoke is skunky with a citrus after taste.. Very INCOGNITO plant.....Creative high- good for pain..Dutch passion did a fine job on this sexy plant...it done around 70days from seed..Keep up the great work DP:bravo:


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Take one look at this girl and tell me you are not in love?:love:She is the Bomb and the Berry makes it so much more! :circle-of-love:
Bomb Seeds - Berry Bomb Auto

Berry Bomb Auto is the incredibly fruity auto-flowering version of one our most popular strains, Berry Bomb. The key characteristics we aimed to maintain when developing the strain were the explosive growth and unrivalled sweet, berry flavour.

The classic explosive growth helps maximise yields, and you can expect to pull up to 300g/m2 in optimum conditions. THC production really kicks on in the last two weeks of flowering, with buds becoming super frosty.

The signature sweet berry taste and aroma that Berry Bomb has become renowned for are ever present, with the stone offering just the right balance between indica body buzz and sativa head high.
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