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I have been looking into the history of Haze. I haven't found anything specific but I understand Haze was originally developed in the 70's by the Haze brothers. It eventually ended up with Neville of Super Sativa Seed Club fame. Does anyone have any info on the Haze brothers and what the genetic history of Haze is. Being a California based site I am hoping some oldtimers may have some memory of this strain, which is becoming more and more popular. Can't wait to smoke it!


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All i know is haze used to be a 100% sativa, now with all the varieties it has moved from a pure sativa to a sativa dominant plant.."flying dutchman" proclaims to have the "original haze" and this is what they have to sat about it

Developed: Pure breeding Sativa / Indica: Pure Sativa

High / strength: Very potent, clear up, energetic high

Special breeding stock.
The only original pure haze available.

We have worked with this variety in Holland for almost 20 years now. It is the base for all the Haze you can find here in Holland. Since being stabilized in the late 70's The Original Haze has never been hybridized. Perfect for breeding projects due to it's pure breeding status. For commercial growers this strain is not recommended due to it's size and long maturation time. Very potent with an energetic cerebral high.

all the above text i have highlighted in green controdicts what they proclaim is the "original haze" now if they have been working on this haze strain for 20 some years now...it cant be the original..being as the original was created back in the 70's as they say in the paragraph above...
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