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Hello one and all. I figured I might as well drop a line in here and let you know who I am since in all likely hood you will be seeing quite a bit of me around here now that I found this place.

I live in Southern California, Inland Empire to be a bit more exact, and have been a medical Cannabis users for about 3 years now. But I have been using and around Cannabis all my life (byproduct of growing up near Humboldt.)

Coming up soon I will be starting my first grow journal, It will be a grow tent in the garage kind of set up. so stay tuned for that...

umm... any questions for me?



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Re: Hazy's Intro.

High HazyClouds, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

I think you'll find this is the best mmj community out there... Dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of Marijuana and Hemp. :thumb:

Our members are some of the most knowledgable and the most helpful anywhere!

Please post an update here when you get your journal up so I can come over and check it out!

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