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HB-1161.... How would you benefi?


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I'm sure if you live in NC you have heard of the House Bill 1161. If no, check it out North Carolina General Assembly - House Bill 1161 Information/History (2013-2014 Session)

From this page you can find your local rep and email them. I have. My localguy is completely against it. Luckily, he isretiring and not seeking reelection. Thisbill is tobe addressed around February 2015. I have hada little success in getting opinions of those in charge. Email and call those people inthe judiciary committee. Let them know we need medicinal marijuana!

The bill has passed the initial reading! Please keep calling them. Call call call! Do not belittle them or insult them, this will only hurt our cause.

If there is good conversation that happens on this thread, we could start another simple one. Stating your/family members medical condition that would benefit from theuse of cannabis. Maybe I could start one label "people in NC, in need"

I email them a short story about my health issues. I have an inoperable brain tumor and seizures as a result of its. aunt has ms. Mom has migrains. Wife has had spinal surgery (no help) and has gone through every drug therapy available, everything from nerve medicine to anti-inflammatory to narcotic, nothing works. Most of the people I have contacted are very supportive and are willing to legalize for medicinal.

NC law does not allow popular vote or referendum. Google it, you'll see. This is bullshit, but true. What do y'all think?
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