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Yup, I knew this was coming.

It is a sad day in America when we can't grow our own natural herb. For me personally, it won't have much effect as I only grow 3 plants at a time. (Doh, I do have 5 right now but only for another 4 weeks). The amount I can have on hand does bother me as I fully expect to have a minimum of 2 OZ per plant. (3 in flower now) That right there gives me concern.
I just keep my mouth shut and tell NO one about what I am doing in the basement. So hopefully that keeps me out of anyone's cross hairs.

Take those six plants, and mainline them into 48 colas! ha, so what do we do when our 6 plants produce more then 3 oz? if im only setting a half oz bar per plant then it wont be hard to reach my goal! will have to actually work at cutting back on yield.. two steps forward, 3 steps back. should be the new american motto

for those of us that make our own RSO oil. your telling me i have to process my oil out of 3 dry oz of plant material? including leaves.. that is absurd, were trying to make our own medicine here and its being limited to us smoking it. yes if you smoke 3 oz to your self you can make that last awhile, but if your processing it into RSO and then tacking it daily you will need much more then 3 oz. ive never made RSO with that small of amount so i wouldnt even be able to guess the yield for RSO but i know it would be small and take lots of time for the medicine reward.

i find it funny that cannabis has never caused lung cancer, so the state government allows for the washington state control board to regulate the industry, the first thing i read about the WSCB was that they were allowing 200+ pesticides to be used in cultivating marijuana.. so they are trying to give us cancer?

when its proven that tacking RSO on your gums connects to the CB1 receptors and fights dying or bad cells within your body, and we know the best possible way to provide this to everyone is to allow either medical patients or anyone with a green thumb grow as much as they can possibly handle to cure as many as they possibly can, why would we make it to where patients cant even obtain enough dry plant material to make a decent RSO batch? 24oz may be a lot but 3 is not nearly enough. a medical patient should be able to obtain 8-12 dry oz of plant material. this makes for a decent RSO batch that could last a patient for a month.

I agree whole heartedly. The limits they are putting on any medical cannabis is absolutely ridiculous. Granted, it is only me and my meds but 3 oz is just enough to get me through the next grow.
I have set my bar a bit higher for my girls. I will be extremely disappointed if I don't achieve at least 2 oz per plant. (DOH did I say that out loud?) So unfortunately for me, that puts me out of compliance. This now forces me to store my extra else where. I have had no issues, no one knows that I grow. We are your regular next door types. We don't have big fancy house or fancy cars.(All though my Harley is fancy). I do nothing to draw attention to my self or my house.

I swear we just get going in the right direction and the state has to come fuck everything up. Welcome to Washington State!!

(Steps down off of soap box)