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Heads up for new growers from a new grower


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Just gonna talk about some mistakes I've made and hopefully people are following along or can find the answer to their problems.

The red stems show that I need to add some cal mag, but I'm to late into flower

Revegging causes a lot of stress. I had single bladed leaves for a long time until she started getting back on track.
As you can see, I had one hell of a stretch;
Reasons you should LST(LOW STRESS TRAINING)..
Stick to one plant per pot, my roots are all tangled and basically suffering one another

Pull the air out, don't push it out. A slightly bigger exhaust fan than the same size as the inline "allows for more air to be replaced per minute"

Burnt tips are a sign of too much fertilizer. FLUSH. Use double the amount of water. So if you use a 5 gal bucket, use 10 gal of water..

Heat is going to play a big part if you are in a tent. I'm using a 2x4 with a 400 watt mars hydro, and a 180 watt bloom pro.
Ph is pretty important as well.

From the research I've done. 6-7seems to be ideal. 5.5-6.5 I think for clones. (I'm not 100% sure so don't take me up on that. Just speaking on my experiences so far and what I've learned)

I'll add more as I learn more, but I feel like this is a good start for now. If I'm wrong on anything, or anyone has any advice. Feel free to chime in -♂


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notice how the leaf AND the stem are kinda sagging. Underwatering/ I need to water.

Up, and perking towards the light.
If anyone sees anything I need to fix/change/do research on; please let me know lol


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If you are having temp issues; more than likely you are lacking ventilation is what I've noticed. OR you need to run a A/C(I ended up running a piece of duct off a section of my A/C.

80 I'd say pushing it, anything above I'd call too hot. I like too keep my tent around 75 humidity goes from 45-55.


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Sounds like you have it down. I'm fixing or having some of those issues and it's nice to see a page showing it like you are great work.
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