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Heady's playground - outdoor surprise

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Had a few moments to snap a few pics and share whats growing in heady's paradise.

A couple shots of the white Hibiscus

The 2 - 4' x 10' Garden boxes
Pole Beans

4 Pepper plants, 2 Jalapeno, 1 Thai and 1 Banana

Spagetti squash vines...yes there is about 8 squash in there and a section of Carrots

The 2 Plushberry's hacked for clones 4 days ago

3 skywalkers to be gifted to another grower for clones

8 assorted ladies given to me to late in the season so just trans them into 5's
They are in week 5 of flower today
Green Crack, Frankenstien, Flo and Lemon Pez

And the 30 gallon 7' ladies in full bloom

2 LA Confidential wk 7 of bloom

2 Plushberry's wk 6 of bloom

Just a quick post to say I'm still watching, reading and learning from you all, good luck and lots of sticky icky to you and yours :Namaste:


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Well time for an update I guess.....Week 12 and flushing

Everything is entering fall and the cupboards are full of salsa's, pickled beans, jalapeno jelly, pickled aspearagus, a dozen spagetti squash, canned carrots etc etc....harvest is complete just these 2 LA Confidentials waiting for the right time to chop.

Here's a few eye candy shots :Namaste:

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