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HealingKronic's Dankouver Soil Grow


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Hey 420 community! im starting my first grow journal here on 420mag, let me tell you about the setup!

STRAIN: Dankouver
INDICA/SATIVA: mostly sativa
HOW MANY:12, 2 per bin
VEG/FLOWER: currently vegging
IN/OUT: indoor grow
POTS: using 12 gallon storage bins
SOIL: plan on using fox farms ocean forest blend
LIGHTS: 2-1000 watt HPS, air cooled with ducting
VEG NUTES: using fox farms big bloom/grow big
FLOWER NUTES: fox farms tiger bloom/my own molasses tea
WATERING: feed mondays, water thursdays
ROOM: spare bedroom, total size 13x10 but im only using half for growing and the other half for air conditioning before it flows through the grow room.

a little more info on the Dankouver strain:
This is a medium-high, branched, primary Sativa variety from the house Smokin Seeds. During growth this plant has a clearly recognizable flavour. The smell is passed absolutely into the taste, which is and persists wonderful and sharp. The effect of this sort is ideal a High, which works animating. This variety is not anything for small planting areas and we found out that large quantities of fertilizer gifts affect plant growth unfavorably. A bloom time of 8 - 9 weeks can be expected.

ok so the basics are out of the way, unless i missed something, just ask!

so below are my pics of what i have done so far and im not done with the flowering room yet but the cloning room is basically done. as you can see in the pics the clones are kept in a book shelf on its side and it is all white for reflectivity. i cut 2 8" holes top and bottom for 2 fans to create a sort of wind tunnel which keeps the plants around 70 degrees. im using 2 fluorescent lights and they are within 2" of the top of the plants. my clones are about 1 week old right now (since i got them anyways) the tallest is 6" and the shortest is 5".

anyways thats enough for now, check out the pics and please comment! im interested to know if anyone has used foxfarms soils? thanks! :rollit:


The Butcher

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I'm in. And yeah the totes are better off covered. Good call Slo! Roots grow better in a dark enviorment. And trust me those roots will fill that tub with no problems. Just a thought.I'm posted and will be in on this one til the end. Well even after that as well. snice set up! +rep


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thanks for the possitive words butcher... and i knew someone would say something about the tubs and tubes being clear but i already have that covered- literally! i have a large roll of black plastic and it will run around the whole setup covering the sides of the tubs and over the drain pipes, kinda like a skirt.

hey Slo see how i took your idea about the clone box with the fans? dropped the temp 10 degrees! good call!

anyways, updates will be a bit slow because not much changes with soil as comparable to hydro, but i just got more money so i can get the rest of the goods for the flowering room. till then!:ganjamon:


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Wowz HK,
your friggin ready for war with your plant count and set up. Gonna be another good one :popcorn:


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hey all, welcome Drojo, i was just working on a print of what i plan on doing as far as a dividing wall to split my room in half and this is what i came up with...



so we are looking at it from the front (top pic) and its 10' wide, 8' tall (to the ceiling) and i plan on framing it out with 2x2. top left is a small air conditioner. it will draw the air into the grow room through the bottom right vent and blow out cold air which will then cycle back into the room. the two center holes are for the 2-1000 watt HPS's to cool as they will be contained with ducting and glass to try to keep temps down. walls will simply be black plastic with mylar inside. the plywood is simply to support the vents and ac unit.

tell me what you think and please offer tips if you have any!


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how about an update? welcome BassBong and COmmjDude! ...well i took the bookcase out it was good for reflectivity but air and room to move around forced me to rethink the cloning setup, so i went with something more simple, and i also replanted.... take a look!

so i got some larger pots and one bag of fox farms ocean forest soil. i mixed all the dirt in a large tub with some B1 root goodness! :yummy:

the light is within 3 inches and i threw some mylar up... i see a bit of yellowing i think it was because they needed replanting or some more nitrogen... in any event the fox farms soil has plenty of N and the new pots allow roots to spread more! thats it for now.... time to spin one up!:rollit:


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@Butcher, agreed they have perked up and look happy! ...also welcome to the grow ultrasonic!

So im about to head out to the hydro shop to pick up my second 1000 watt HPS and get myself some FF grow big, and big bloom. as soon as i get some help from a friend with a truck i will get the timber to build my divider wall and the room will be ready as soon as the danks are!


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Lookin good so far. You got room to grow and plenty of light. 1000s aren't too efficient but I love mine! I feel that you can never have enough light. Gets buds hella swole.
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