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Health Canada Privacy Blunder Undermines New Medical Cannabis Program

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The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) is outraged about Health Canada identifying 40,000 medical cannabis patients and producers by sending them correspondence with "Marihuana Medical Access Program" in the return address, contrary to their standard procedure. "This privacy breach violates patient rights and undermines Health Canada's attempts at reforming their medical cannabis program," said Adam Greenblatt, CAMCD president. "If Health Canada is trying to instill confidence in a mail-order distribution system for medical cannabis, they are not off to a good start."

The correspondence in question contained informational materials about the reasons behind Health Canada's regulatory reform, which ironically includes an increased risk of home invasion for patients who grow their own medical cannabis. "Patients are already very concerned that their personal medical information will be turned over to police and realtors when Health Canada revokes their permits next year," continued Greenblatt. "These patients are accustomed to producing their own supply or accessing a storefront medical cannabis dispensary, yet both options are prohibited under Health Canada's new regime."

The Deputy Minister of Health issued a bewildered apology, but CAMCD is unimpressed."The statement from the Deputy Minister of Health does nothing to repair the harms inflicted on this vulnerable patient population by the government," said Greenblatt. "Sadly, it seems that when Health Canada is not dragging their feet on this issue, they are shooting holes in them." CAMCD was established to promote a regulated, community-based approach to medical cannabis access, and to support dispensaries in providing the highest quality patient care.


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