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Healthy Rips Fury2 Vaporizer Glass Adapter Glass Mothpiece Glass Bubbler 3D Flow Booster


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Fury2 was good vaporizer very small in size and very popular in USA. as well as their water tool attachement. now all avaiable in vapingfans store///
Fury2 clear glass mouthpiece
Fury2 50% Black glass mouthpiece
Fury2 Universial Adapter
Fury2 Glass Bubbler
Fury2 3D flow booster

The 3D Flow Stem features striking and functional divots throughout the length of the stem to increase the surface area your vapour passes by. The increased surface area allows for more cooling of the vapour, resulting in a smoother draw. The divots do not affect the airflow in any way, and the stems provide a clear draw for large and cool hits.

for distributor ,.. Customized service available... Thanks!


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Furys series water attachement also fit for these vaproizer:

Shift Vaporizer Quant Vaporizer Sutra Mini Vaporizer Hippie Rebel Vaporizer all works in good condition....
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