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Heat issues


Okay so I have a closet 7ft long 7ft tall 24 inch wide. 2 300 watt mars hydro and a 900watt meizhi. 4inch inline fan 190 cfm with carbon filter. And about 2ft of ducting. Heat 89 high end closet has gapps all-around door. I can't fix that though. If I attached a y adapter to the top of closet and bought a inline booster fan and on other end on inline fan and carbon filter would that help with temps? Would it in crease cfm out of closet. I cant buy a 6 inch fan just can't any ideas ?

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A small booster fan might not increase your outflow by much, and you cant put it on the same side of the filter as your bigger fan as that higher capacity fan will be pushing pressure against it.

Is it possible to remove your led drivers outside the tent? They run pretty hot. You need some 12g wire (speaker wire is fine) and some wago connectors. You should also add a ground wire from the led chassis to the driver case, use 12g wire, and machine screws or reuse the mounting screws that attach the driver now. I dont know those lights but its pretty easy on most leds.


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Huge problem doubt it will be an easy fix its some of the same problems i see here in the south you have to plan around the heat of the day. Times your running will help i.e. run at night instead, assuming that the room the closet is in is probably around 76+ degrees as well. Can u pump in cold air from the ducting in that room. You will have to look outside the box for your solution.


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A fan doesn't necessarily remove heat...but a bigger one can move more hot air. Try bringing cold air in as well. A real fan, which is expensive BTW, not these lame inline grow fans that every crap company puts out. I believe a dehumidifier can also lower temp....might want to research that though, not 100% sure. Theres not much that you can do with a closet except leave it open to dissipate the heat into the room or just running an AC unit and exhausting the heat out of ducting.
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