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Heat Issues

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Let me first start out by telling you my setup. In the closet:

Plastic cabinet 30"L X 19"W X 36"H.

150 watt MINI Floralux HPS.

50cfm Bathroom Fan.

The fan is on the top pulling air out of the cabnet and ventilating through a 3" hose out of the closet near the window. There are 2 intake holes on the sides of the cabinet. The problem is my temp. with the doors closed is over
90F and in the high 80's when the door is open. Is this enough ventilation? What can I do to lower temps? Thanks


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nice light :D
if your having heat buildup like that then no, its not enough ventilation. try doubling what you have? or move to a bigger box... or both! hmmm
oooh i know or maybe you can decrease the temp in the room?

i had to go out and get a cheapie window air conditioner and that really did the trick they are much happier now. and my bedroom is a lot cooler for me too :D

l Piff l

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Thanks for the help. I'm going to get some cooling flanges and an inline fan for my light and see what happens.
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