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Heat pads for synthetic urine


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ok so i'm new to this forum and im facing a drug test in approximately 2 to 3 weeks, I've been smoke free for 33 days but still test positive, maybe because im fat. But the thing is, I want to take precautionary measures and prepare to use fake urine just in case. That being said I'm pretty much sold on the quick fix or maybe the pissinator... except for one small detail

How reliable are the heat pads??? how long will they work? If anyone of you has experience with these and can offer a little insight i'll be most thankful... My nerves are killing me!!

anyways thanks in advance for your responses:reading420magazine:


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I have used "Agent X" synthetic urine countless times and passed no problem everytime!

The agent x at least comes with a heating pad in the box as well as rubberband and flip-top pour spout and the bottle has a temp gauge right on it. I wouldnt use the pour spout cause it makes a wheezing noise when you're squeezing it. Its better to just unscrew the top and pour it in. If they have a choice between a cheaper smaller bottle and a more expensive bigger one go for the bigger one cause depending on where you test that can be the difference between having just enough to fill it up to the line or not enough.

You're aiming for between 90-100*F preferably on the higher side.

In my experience you should do the following:

1) crush up the heat packet about an hour ahead of time - it takes time to get hot.

2) when you're ready to go heat the synthetic urine in the mircowave until the temp strip just goes all black (meaning that its gone above the range of the heat strip which is 100). Stop it once or twice while microwaving to check where the heat strip is at so you dont over do it. I find it takes between 40-80 seconds depending on the microwave and how cold the bottle was.

3) attach the heat pack flat to one side of the bottle with the provided rubberband

4) wear 2 pairs of whitey-tighties (you dont want that heat pack burnin ya) and when you get their before getting out of the car secure that bottle with the heat pack facing AWAY from you inbetween the two layers of underwear

5) Ive always had to wait over an hour so its normally the perfect temp when its time but if its not take the bottle and put it in the toilet for a few to cool it down. If you're worried about taking too long say you're a shy pisser when they're taking you back.

6) unscrew the top (dont use the pour spout - like i said - it wheezes when you squeeze) and pour it into the cup.

7) stash all incriminating evidence back in your underwear

8) ???

9) PROFIT!!!

In my state the make you empty your pockets before you go in and sometimes pat them or have you turn them inside out to make sure you really did so thats why the stash in the pants is necessary here.

Oh and if you can be a faux-sober stoner - toke a joint on the way there, it chills me out everytime :)



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I've never had to use the heat pad in my case. I have always used QuickFix. I nuke it for 10 seconds and then just store it in my shorts. I have been able to keep the temp around 98. Thats why its important to practice for your own system. With synthetic urine you can reheat it as many times as you want, just keep it out of sunlight.


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Very True, I like to use the car heater and the put synthetic urine close to my sac to keep it nice and warm. It never hurts to have a heating pad though. They will always be at the right temp for hours in case you have to wait for long periods of time. The body works great as a natural warmer but I like my temp to be a little on the warmer side because the cup and air temp can bring it down. Also if the tester waits a minute or two before they actually check the temp it's going to drop even more. In addition it's always much easier to cool than it is to heat it up. It's super easy to use the water from a toilet or something to cool it off in a hurry.


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Does anyone know where to buy heating strips? I've got the agent X, which worked fine for me the first time.
I've got half a container left, but no heating strip and a test coming up... Great suggestions, btw, like the double tight-whiteys.


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Hi I'm using the clean stream urine kit and I was wondering how long I should keep my heating pad on it before I use it? Should I keep it on for 1 hour before my test and take it off in the parking lot or do I keep it on the fake urine the whole time up until i take it? Thanks!
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