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Heat Stress from the SUN?


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Hi Everyone,

My first grow, started off a bit rocky then stabilized, now I'm hitting rough patch again.

As far as grow information goes, I can't give so much since I can't really read the labels on anything (my horticultural Chinese needs a bit of improvement). About I all I can say is the the nutes I usually use are 15-15-15 (I can't find anything else...once again, I can't read the packages so well).

I'm growing these plants on my patio, so all they get are sunlight. However, my patio has an overhang and I felt the girls weren't getting so much direct sunlight, so I put them out on the ledge to get more light. About a week later, I've got the plants in the pictures below. In addition to more light, the ledge also has more wind.

I'm not sure if this is heat stress or some nute related problem. Perhaps I should increase water a bit more since they get more sun now? I've tried flushing the plants a couple days ago, so that might start to help, but I thought I'd get some advice while I wait.

The growth from the nodes hasn't been so affected yet, it's mainly the fan leaves that are dying off, but some of the earlier node growth is starting to show signs of something not good.

The problem that is seems most odd to me is that the leaves, even the new growth, seems to "bend" in the middle of the leaf instead of growing out straight and the tips are dark grayish to black.

I've tried to find similar pictures in the usual references (Cervantes, Greg Green) but, I'm really not so sure which of the problems described are my problems...and I haven't really found anything that looks like the pictures with the skinny, distorted middle leaves or the black leaf tips.

Please help!

Top View of Plant 1

See the leaves :(


Plant 2:
Bend in the middle

Bend at the tip

Death all around

David Bowman

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Re: Heat Stress from the SUN!?!?

That looks like heat stress and I'm wondering if those metal bars beside the plant might be getting hot enough during the day to burn leaves that are touching or close to those bars? I'm asuming you rotate your plant periodically for even coverage and the affected leaves happen to be away from the bars at the moment.


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Re: Heat Stress from the SUN!?!?

Thanks, CH.

At least heat stress is easy enough to deal with. Just take them off the ledge, prune the leaves with 60% damage or so. Sound like a reasonable plan?


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Re: Heat Stress from the SUN!?!?

Kinda looks like a nute deficiency I have now started like that and got real bad. I flushed mine and am trying to limp her back to life. If it was the metal bars wouldn't one whole side of the plant be affected ?? Hope it's just heat stress for you and not something like mine. My girl is 4 weeks in flower and literally in 2 days she went from a healthy beast to this.
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