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Heated Prescription Pot Users To Prosecute County


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Medical marijuana users said they will sue the county over the closure of local pot shops.

They're angry because Sheriff Donny Youngblood, with the blessing of Board of Supervisors, has stopped issuing permits for the medical pot clinics.

State law allows the clinics' operation, but federal law does not. After a series of federal raids by the Drug Enforcement Agency this month alone, all six local clinics closed.

''I will be back at 2 o'clock with a letter of intent to sue the County of Kern on behalf of the medical patients of Kern County for not allowing us safe access to dispensaries and forcing us to go back to the black market for our medication," said medical marijuana patient Jeff Clark.

A similar suit is pending in San Diego and is expected to be the landmark case on the subject, but that case may not be decided until next year.

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:hmmmm: Why hasn't someone contacted all of the clubs throughout the State to enjoin class action litigation proceedings? This should be argued "States rights" because the courts just convicted a Pastor at the 420 temple in SoCal.(1st amendment=religious protection) These "authorities" are sniping the dispenseries off one at a time and there's strength in Numbers ...currently all seem vunerable.When the Federal Govt.circumvents the will of the voters it is no longer a Democracy and the California voters have approved what the Feds are persecuting.If this were organized legally then the States residents could just stop paying Federal taxed en mass.


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:allgood: we need safe access for all people even the ones who arnt legal like
Gwen and I peace out and leave us alone to smoke are medicine how we see fit and stay out of our clubs I have safe access in Santa Rosa Calif why can,t Bakersfeild and kern County Sue the hell out of your county
Thanks Butch707420 and Butch420 Patty n Gwen :allgood:


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Why hasn't anyone posted any info on the federal governments trial in Sacramento, CA prosecuting Dr. Marion P. Fry and her attorney husband, Dale Shafer, Esq.? I have conducted a search of this site on this subject and found no information.

This may be the first and possibly only federal prosecution involving a medical doctor. Her California Medical Research Center, in Cool, CA, was raided several years ago and is just now in trial. The C.M.R.C. in Cool is still operating and is currently issuing 215 certificates.


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Humboldt CountyIn Arcata recently there was a peacefull protest by NORML and the paper showed a bro.holding a sign that said Let us pay taxes (2)There is a member of the County board of supervisors who appears to be a crusty old rancher(Roger Rodini) who was quoted as advocating this tax revenue,so the argument comes from all spectrums of community to legalize this wonderfull herb.It is particularly relevant when the Republican legislators are blocking passage of the State budget and should be an issue.The same neocons who have persecuted marijuana use are simutaniously stalled the State budget? Go Figure!!!:hmmmm:


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USA: Federal agents raided medical cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco

Federal agents executed search warrants at three medical marijuana dispensaries on 22 June as part of a broad investigation into marijuana trafficking in San Francisco, setting off fears among medical cannabis advocates that a federal crackdown on the drug's use by sick people was beginning.

About 20 residences, businesses and growing sites were also searched, leading to multiple arrests, a law enforcement official said. In a separate investigation, a federal court in Sacramento indicted Dr. Marion P. Fry, and her husband, Dale C. Schafer, on charges of distributing cannabis at the doctor's office. Both pleaded not guilty to charges of distributing and manufacturing at least 100 marijuana plants.

The raids and arrests were the first large-scale actions against marijuana clubs and providers since the Supreme Court upheld federal authority over marijuana on June 6, even in states like California, where its use for medicinal purposes has been legal since 1996. The raids involved agents from federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Secret Service.

(Source: New York Times of 23 June 2005)

ain't much out there about it.
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