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Heating Marijuana?

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Hey, I got some weed that I want to try eating and I want to heat it...

This may sound retarded but... How do I heat it? Should I just hold it over a lighter for a few seconds then eat it or put it on a stove and whats the temperature and everything that I need?


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Dude dont eat weed thats pretty Fn gross i dont know what youve heard about "eating weed" but you dont literally eat it. what most people do is bake weed into food like brownies cookies etc.. and that gets em high not literally getting the weed hot and consuming.

That being said, do you have some questions that youd like answered? i can give you some advice

Hugs R Drugs

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I actually ate some weed (without heating it) and it tasted good and was kinda crunchy. Whats so gross about it? I want to heat it so I can actually get high off it though. It tastes like mint.


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You can get a buzz from eating it... What I have done before is heat up some leftovers, and put the ground up pot in with the food.. Lasagna works with this.. hell even a double cheeseburger works with this as long as the cheese is melted.. or you can butter with it but for a quick bite just mix it in a burger and enjoy..


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In order to "eat" bud, you need to essentially strain the THC compound from the buds, and add it to something that absorbs it (like butter). Then you cook with that. This is how people get high when "eating" MJ, it's purified to THC only then fused in with other ingredients then baked or heated into them to give you a better effect. Here is steps on how to make "Cannabutter": 420 Magazine ®

But I agree with everyone else, put it in a pipe and LIGHT THAT SHIT UP!


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Try something called a firecracker. Take a peanut butter cracker sandwich, pull the crackers apart, put about a half a gram or more in between and wrap in tinfoil. Place the tinfoil into the oven(not sure the exact temp and time, you'll have to look it up.) The fat in the peanut butter helps get the THC into a more digestible form. Regardless, if you eat weed - you'll get high.


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My father was in Vietnam during the war... Today we were discussing cannabis use there... He said they would often use it in their food, adding it like any other herb. Not smoking.

I like the taste of some cannabis on this level, and think its a great idea! With the oils used in cooking, it should sink right in!
If your plan is to get high though, cooking it into fats (oils have fats) is what you need to do. Check out the 420 Kitchen - 420 Magazine for great recipes and ideas!
I would suggest anything over heating it with a lighter and consuming it that alone as plant matter.. That would be the most wasteful thing you could do.
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