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@MrSauga hey I’ll take 3 of those please. Lol
Wow, my first customer! One time special of buy three get two free. Any idea what you're buying from me to help me along?

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I love it! First Saugaview then this! When I design something that everyone wants I'm calling you to market it. Don't plan on talking anytime soon but just be ready.
What can I say Mr. S? You inspire me :idea::idea::idea:

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Lmao Mr. S!! Well since I’m already canned, I guess I’ll go ahead and make a Nightingale update.

We decided to have a little experiment and we hung the upper half of her intact for the dry trim trial. The other half we trimmed in our usual way, wet trim.

I added the solo cup to help spread the buds apart a little, plus nightingale likes to party.

We’ve never done a dry trim before, so this is a way to give it a try without fully committing. Lol.

Well that’s it for tonight, sweet dreams and happy gardening!! :ciao:


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Not done laughing but caught up! Congrats on the harvest, and I'm with Amy on the sativa leaning Nightingale. I look forward to your wet/dry experiment. I'm a wet trimmer for all sorts of reasons, some of which involve bugs and mold.

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Hello all, it’s a new day and I pulled the Dr. Seedsman (30:1 cbd) out for some trich pictures. As a little reminder, this is the one that I ran out of 4ft bamboos for and since she had pretty solid structure, I just added some 3ft bamboos (no ties) for support plus piece of mind. Well... now that buds are a plenty, she’s floppy af. I brought her out and once I could set her down, her colas were draped down my back. Lmao!! And she’s as sticky as she is floppy. Greezy with the pungent sent of lemon pledge.

Getting pictures was quite a frustrating ordeal. The tripod couldn’t really lean in because the plant is so tall and then the leafiness of her buds made it difficult to find the bracts for micro photos. Anyway, belly aching over! Herehe least blurry pics I was able to get.

So I’ll be honest, the level of difficulty to get her back into the tent successfully is a large factor for me right now, and it shouldn’t be. I know I need to harvest when she’s ready. Lol, so I’m really hoping you all think this girl is in the harvest window too because I kind of dread the thought of stuffing her back in. :eek:

Lol, I hope you’re all having a good day so far! Please let me know your thoughts on these trichs and don’t worry, I would not mind at all, being sent to trim jail again so soon. :yummy:


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I see enough amber to say she's good to go...
She sure is a pretty one!
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